Greetings from Glendale!

Well, the holiday season is over and winter is in full effect. That does not mean that the happenings around Glendale have stopped. We still have plenty going on throughout the winter and spring and we sure hope you are able to come visit us and enjoy in some of the festivities.

The Christmas season was fantastic. The Christmas parade gets bigger and bigger every year. Thanks to everyone that helps put on the Christmas functions; everyone had so much fun and it was really nice to see a Douglas FastNet truck in the parade also. A local resident family handed out gifts for the kids. There was entertainment, cookies, cocoa and even tamales. And let’s not forget that the Glendale Rural Fire Department brought Santa to town.

If you did not make it here this year, plan on coming next year. It is a lot of fun!

Celebration of Literacy “Reading Around the World” will be held throughout the month of February at all of the libraries in Douglas County. Each library focuses on different countries and attendees receive a free book. Glendale’s country is Columbia and started yesterday.

The Glendale High School is now offering GED classes. The next GED orientation is Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the High School Library. For more information call 541-832-1801.

Some very exciting news is that Glendale’s own Robotic Team made it to the State Competition in Portland in February!!! They have been doing fundraisers to help fund their trip. We are all so excited for them. The Robotics Club has only been in effect for two years and they are already on their way to the State Competition. Great job to the students and teacher, what a great accomplishment!

For other events coming up, we have the annual St. Patrick’s Day Benefit Dinner that will be held from 5-7 p.m March 17 at the Glendale High School. All proceeds go to the Cow Creek Valley Community Association (CCVCA) who puts on so many functions for the Cow Creek Valley. They are a great bunch of people that work so hard to put all of it together. A huge thank you to them!

The annual Easter Egg Hunt will be on April 11 at the Glendale City Park on Sixth Street. That begins at 1 p.m. It is always great to watch the kids play and collect their eggs!

The High School Drama Club will be performing “Bye Bye Birdie” in March. As it gets closer, look for times and dates on the Glendale City Hall Facebook page or the Glendale High School page or website.

Last but not least, on May 2, 2020 is the Great Gatsby Benefit Dinner at Seven Feathers Casino. All proceeds go to Operation Christmas. As it gets closer, look at the Operation Christmas Facebook page for the time.

Thanks for taking the time to read about Glendale and we sure hope you come enjoy the festivities here that everyone works so hard to put on. It really is great fun with great people, hope to see you here!

Dawn Russ is the City Recorder for the City of Glendale.

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