When Shari Adams saw the Easter Bunny costume at the store she knew what had to be done.

Buy the costume and arrange it so the “Easter Bunny” could make a surprise early entrance at Stewart Park on Wednesday.

“We’re going to go out and make some kids smile,” Adams said.

With the help of the Easter Bunny, Adams created a short video on her Facebook page, offering the chance for friends and family to bring their children to have photos taken with — excuse the expression — some bunny special.

“I just wanted to do something fun for my people,” Adams said on her post.

Ultimately, Adams decided she needed an accomplice to hop on the bandwagon and assume the role.

Enter her daughter, 12-year-old Lana Adams. Lana agreed to become the Easter Bunny on Wednesday at Stewart Park, on a day where the high unofficially reached 77. Lana didn’t let the warmth dampen her enthusiasm as the big bunny in charge.

At first, it was quiet for the fantastic furry one — too quiet.

That is until Oliver Peterson, 6, and Liam Peterson, 3, spotted the Easter Bunny from the other side of Stewart Park while walking with their mom, Kelsey Peterson.

The two boys waved excitedly.

The Easter Bunny waved back and jumped up and down in excitement as well.

That’s all it took. Both boys broke into a run until they reached the Easter Bunny, where they alternated between hugs, photos and smiles of wonderment.

As parents broke out their phones and excited children ran toward her, Lana, aka the Easter Bunny, didn’t stop. There was an animated game of Simon Says, a climb onto the rope swing at Stewart Park and with some extra effort, a trip down the slide unscathed.

As the Easter Bunny walked out of the park, with a little help from Shari Adams, there was talk of a return trip to Stewart Park on Thursday.

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