The decision to build a WinCo Foods supermarket in Roseburg has been a long time coming.

The employee-owned supermarket chain, which is known for its bulk items and low prices, has been looking to open a store in the area for more than a decade, company officials said.

Apparently the time has arrived.

The Boise-based company has submitted preliminary plans with the City of Roseburg to demolish the vacant Kmart at 2757 NW Stewart Parkway and replace it with a WinCo supermarket. The site plan review is scheduled to come before the Roseburg Planning Commission on Monday.

“We’re very excited, we’ve wanted to get to Roseburg for a long time,” said Noah Fleisher, director of corporate communications for WinCo. “We found a great site and we’re ready to go.”

Fleisher said a number of factors, including the site location, market conditions, population and industry density, all contributed to making this the right time to open a store here.

“We’re a growth company and we’re always looking to grow,” he said.

There are a number of factors that set WinCo supermarkets apart from its competitors, Fleisher said, most importantly the company’s ownership structure.

“The first thing that separates us are the employee-owners at WinCo,” Fleisher said. “They actually own the store, so it’s a different mindset. They all have a stake in what goes on, so they make sure everything is clean and the shelves are stocked.”

WinCo also has very competitive prices, he said.

“We work directly with vendors and providers, and we work as hard as we can to offer the largest selection and the highest quality at the lowest price.”

And then there are the bulk items, which are hugely popular among shoppers, Fleisher said.

“You can buy a single bay leaf or a pound of it,” he said.

The Kmart building covers about 88,000 square feet. The new WinCo store would be about 73,000 square feet, according to the plans submitted to the city. The store will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The property WinCo intends to buy covers two parcels, the Kmart site and the Big 5 Sporting Goods building at 2655 NW Stewart Parkway. The total site covers about 9.45 acres. WinCo has said it has no plans to change the current business operations of Big 5.

A GOOD SIGNThe listed owner of the property is Invest West Alpha, out of Aliso Viejo, California. According to the county assessor, the listed value of the total property is $5.3 million.

WinCo is under contract to buy the property, but will not close on the deal until it receives final approval to build the supermarket at the site, Fleisher said. That is typical for such developments, he said.

“We cannot build anything without city approvals, so we need to obtain those first,” Fleisher said. “Once we do, we will build.”

Once construction begins it should take about a year before the store opens, he said.

Tim Duy, an economics professor at the University of Oregon and senior director of the school’s Oregon Economic Forum, said the fact WinCo wants to build in Roseburg is a good sign for the community.

“As a general rule, expansion of such core services reflects the growth of the surrounding community,” Duy said. “In other words, it is exactly the kinds of investment we would expect to see as the community grows larger. Also, it can be a psychological boost when a vacant building is renewed into a new business. So yes, overall good.”

However, Duy also noted that the ultimate number of jobs added to the community may be less than the 150 WinCo said it will bring, since the new store could possibly “siphon some demand” from nearby competitors and thus result in a reduction of jobs at those stores.

Wayne Patterson, executive director of the Umpqua Economic Development Partnership, which works to grow jobs and the economy in the region, said that studies have shown there to be a shortage of grocery stores in the region for years.

Patterson also said he and the partnership welcome WinCo — and the 150 jobs it could bring — to the community.

“I know WinCo has built a great reputation for themselves as both a grocery supplier and an employer, we welcome both. We have a lot of people that live here that have had a personal experience with them and speak highly of them.” Patterson said. “Workforce development in Douglas County comes both through existing employers and new ones. Our hope is that WinCo is very successful and brings with it a unique shopping experience that will further diversify and grow our community.”

LEGAL WRANGLINGOn Feb. 1, WinCo opened two new locations: One in Bend, which was formerly a ShopKo, and one in Wenatchee, Washington. The openings represented the 23rd WinCo Foods store in each state.

Two other stores opened in Montana in late February. That brings the total number of stores to 133 in 11 states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Montana.

WinCo also has a distribution center in Tri City that employs more than 50 people.

Typically, an application like the one WinCo submitted would be handled by staff and would not require a public hearing, said Stuart Cowie, director of development for Roseburg.

But the size and scope of this development proposal means some discretionary standards could be applied by the city, which in turn opens the door for that decision to be appealed, he said.

“Based on WinCo’s past experience with other stores they worked on, they said there could be someone that appeals this decision,” Cowie said. “They asked if they could have it go before the planning commission, and we said sure.”

If the Planning Commission decision is appealed, it would come before the City Council, he said. And if the City Council’s decision is appealed, it would go to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.

The approval process has not always been smooth sailing for WinCo Foods stores.

In 2015, a union group in Albany appealed a WinCo location based on the argument that road conditions weren’t evaluated well enough and the chain wasn’t compatible in the area.

In 2016, a group in Grant County, Washington, appealed the decision to allow a WinCo store there, citing traffic concerns and potential impacts on existing stores in the area.

And in 2019, WinCo ran into a legal wrangle over plans to build a store in Bozeman, Montana. A group of union members sued the city for approving the store’s designs, claiming the proposed store didn’t belong where it was planned. An attorney for the group argued that his clients worked for area grocery stores and were concerned that the new WinCo could cost them their job stability.

The group also said that Bozeman violated the public’s right to offer feedback on the development.

In all three cases the appeals were eventually denied and the stores were built.

Scott Carroll can be reached at or 541-957-4204. Or follow him on Twitter @scottcarroll15.

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(6) comments


To all you negative ninnies (especially R. Smith, Sam, American and Rise) -- I think your concerns are way off target. Your concerns about traffic is curious at best...the addition of another grocery store in the area does not translate to more vehicles -- the same people (you and me) are already driving around, so it's not like a new store creates more shoppers than already exists.

In a non-socialist environment the success of companies is driven by values provided and customer acceptance. As much as I appreciate Sherm's and shop there regularly, Winco is far superior. I shopped Winco for years before moving to Roseburg, and it was my favorite store. In America, the strong survive and those who can't or won't change end up like Sears.

As for the location...It's up to a company to decide where to locate. We're a small town, and there MAY have been a plurality of acceptable locations, but K-Mart was vacant and fit the bill -- and it's their money.


This seems like a terrible idea. I've been to WinCo and they are always packed. It's nothing like Kmart was even in the good times when it comes to people and traffic. There is no way that this won't already make bad traffic on Stewart and Edenbower worse. And I'd be interested to hear what Mercy hospital has to say about this and if it will impact the ability of ambulances and fire trucks to get in and out in the same amount of time for emergencies. The city needs to make sure that traffic impacts have been studied and that WinCo, not taxpayers, pay for any improvements that need to happen to minimize traffic. And if that can't happen, build it somewhere else, we have enough grocery stores in this part of town.

R. Smith

[thumbdown] Nothing against WinCo but why on earth do we need another grocery store on Stewart Pkwy directly across from Sherm's? This is only going to cannibalize our existing businesses and force one or more to shut down eventually. Why can't WinCo choose a different site? One that won't impact Traffic which already backs up here, even with Kmart gone. One that isn't already saturated with grocery stores! I hope the City Council will look at this and realize that we need a different use for that site.


I agree, Rise722! It makes no sense to bunch up all these grocery stores so close together along NW Stewart Pkwy (trying to steal business from one another, and adding to the traffic problems along there), when there are several locations in the south side of Roseburg, where grocery stores are in short supply. There is only one option on W Harvard: Grocery Outlet. How about utilizing the now vacant lot at the corner of SE Oak and SE Stephens, or a spot along Diamond Lake Blvd that's close to downtown to serve the people that live on the south end of Roseburg? There's also room out further on W Harvard in the shopping center where Bangkok West is located. Use a little common sense here, people!


Just exactly why does this store need to be placed right next to Sherm's, around the corner from Albertson's, and a stone's throw from WalMart??? Ridiculous!!!!


April fools.

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