A Roseburg man was arrested Sunday morning after breaking into a house, puncturing the drywall and using the shower.

Renters in the 1000 block of Northeast Klamath Avenue found 35-year-old Shawn Nolan Patzer getting out of the shower when they arrived home.

When the man confronted Patzer, the burglar ran out of the back door while throwing pants on, according to court documents.

Nearby residents directed officers to the 1000 block of Hollis Street where they had seen a barefoot man walking to the top of the hill.

An officer found Patzer hiding behind some shrubs on the side of the road. Another resident had given him a pair of shoes to wear, according to court documents.

Patzer tried to run from police, but he slipped in a muddy ditch. At that point officers handcuffed Patzer and took him to the Douglas County Jail.

When police interviewed the renters, they said when they first got to the house they saw a rake leaning against the home that didn’t belong to them and numerous personal items inside the front door.

Inside the home, picture windows had been shattered, a hole was punched in the drywall, there was a large knife slash in the bathroom drywall and knife puncture marks in a bedroom door, according to court documents.

Near the back door was a bag containing cleaning supplies from the home and personal items that didn’t belong to the owners, according to court documents.

Damage was estimated at under $1,000.

Patzer was charged with second-degree burglary, second-degree criminal mischief and third-degree theft.

In August, he pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault and second-degree criminal mischief after throwing a bike at a woman and slashing the bike’s tires, according to court documents.

Four months before that, he pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal mischief after breaking a food slot door in the jail.

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Saphara Harrell is the crime and natural resources reporter for The News-Review. She previously worked at The World in Coos Bay. Follow her on Twitter @daisysaphara.

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I feel like you should keep your comments to yourself unless you know both sides.


I think its time to dent Jr. ANYMORE grants of probation, and assist him in enjoying a PROLONGED stay at the Grey Bar Hotel.

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