Volunteer Debbie Dage had a message as she greeted people lining up in front of the Roseburg post office Thursday to sign a petition to recall Oregon Gov. Kate Brown.

“Let’s get this done, people! We are not going to rest! This is day two of the rest of our lives!” Dage said.

The petition from the group known as Flush Down Kate Brown is behind one of two recall petitions that were filed Monday with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office. The Republican Party of Oregon filed the other. To force a special recall election, each campaign must collect 280,050 valid signatures within a 90-day period.

If enough signatures are certified, the governor has five days to either resign or prepare a statement to include on the ballot for the recall election, according to the Oregon Secretary of State website.

Annika Carlston, a spokeswoman for Flush Down Kate Brown, said her group is taking a wait-and-see attitude on both campaigns.

“I do believe that we both have different reasons for doing our own separate recalls,” Carlston said. “We’re just going to see who can do what.”

Bruce Wentworth and Susie Wentworth, of Glide, said they signed the petition Thursday because they do not agree with some of Brown’s policies.

“As far as specifics, I can’t think of any. But I can’t think of any she’s done right, so how’s that?” Bruce Wentworth said.

Charles Avitable, of Roseburg, said he signed the recall petition because Brown doesn’t hold to the same Christian values he does.

“I know part of my Christian values probably aren’t popular because I don’t believe in abortion, I don’t believe in same-sex marriage,” Avitable said. “The whole putting God first thing, she doesn’t seem to have anything to do with.”

Scotty Ingeman, of Tenmile, said he’s tired of elected officials making decisions that the people cannot vote on.

“I think we’ve gotten away from what their job is and I’d like to see them get back to what’s best for us not what’s best for them. Plain and simple,” Ingeman said.

Alana Lenihan, chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Douglas County, said Brown was elected by the majority of Oregonians and Democrats in Douglas County stand by her.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Kate Brown and what people perceive as her ‘agenda,’ and I just ... I feel that people aren’t willing to listen,” Lenihan said.

The Flush Down Kate Brown website cites Oregon’s low high school graduation rates, potential mandatory vaccination policy and “rampant” sexual abuse in the foster care system as additional reasons for launching the petition.

“Governor Brown is negligent to address the homelessness issues, the education issues and the employment issues, which are all tied together. Proper direction and management of our educational system to prevent homelessness, needs to happen!” the website reads.

“People are tired of their voices not being heard. There are a lot of laws that are going into effect or are trying to go into effect that are going to change a lot of lives in Oregon, a lot of businesses, a lot of families,” Carlston said. “She’s taking away the voter’s rights in a lot of areas.”

Bill Lunch, a professor emeritus of political science at Oregon State University, said that gathering the required number of valid signatures is a “tough task.”

“A very high fraction of the signatures that are gathered in the great majority of petition drives turn out to be invalid,” Lunch said. “So, realistically, the sponsors would need to gather not 280,000 signatures, but something more like about 430 to 450,000 — it’s possible to do that of course, but it would take an enormous effort.”

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Hannah Kanik is the Charles Snowden intern at The News-Review.

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Childish name for childish minds. Ask them what happens if Brown is recalled. Ask them who Bev Clarno is. Who? Huh? No clue, no plan. This recall attempt is a waste of time and energy. But it makes them feel so good to bash a Democrat.


As opposed to Democrats (Or left wingers) who have no problems literally BASHING Republicans in the head on our streets, and in restaurants. Get off your high moral horse. We KNOW who you REALLY are, AND what YOUR plan is!


Now that I think about it I will just repeat a common refrain by a President and his followers "If you don't like Kate Brown go back to where you came from!".


Recall should be done when an elected official breaks the law or is a moral degenerate, not because you disagree with her policies. Disagreeing with policies can be remedied at the next election. Quite honestly I don't think these people are bright enough to realize this. This is just another way the right wing generated it's base. I have no respect for a people and party that would vote for Art Robinson over and over.


Christian values, who did he vote for in the 2016 presidential election, the guy that grabs the crotch of young women.


The Governor is again backing Safe Storage legislation on gun owners at the behest of a small group. Likewise, Senate Bill 761 is a dozy. This bill would basically destroy the Oregon voters initiative process. She backs the Cap and Trade legislation creating yet another taxpayer funded scheme.

Scott Mendelson

Brown didn't do anything wrong, unlike the Republican senators who ran away to sabotage democratic process. Thus, there is no genuine reason to recall her other than the fact that these people just don't like her. However, they never did like her. Furthermore the people who liked her enough to elect her still like her. Thus this absurd recall move can not possibly succeed. It is just a waste of time, as well as a waste of government money that will be needed to process it all. This is taxpayers' money that the Republicans are supposedly so zealous about protecting. It would be far cheaper, quicker and equally as effective to simply fall on the floor, scream and kick for 10 minutes. In fact, I suggest the Republican senators do this the next time they see that they cannot defeat the majority of Democratic Party votes in the senate. It would save everyone a lot tome and reflect better on them than simply running away and shirking their responsibilities, and essentially spitting on the state's constitution.


"a waste of government money." Ballot measure initiatives cost about $1.2 million. The Oregon State legislatively adopted budget (LAB) for the 2017-19 biennium is $74.390 billion total funds. The state has plenty of money to spread around.


My favorite comment, "he’s tired of elected officials making decisions that the people cannot vote on," that's the point of representative democracy. Geesh . . .


Dethrone the Democrat? Darn right. Their missions are NOT in the public, nor national best interest.

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