Myrtle Creek police arrested an Astoria woman on suspicion of methamphetamine and heroin possession and delivery following a traffic stop Monday afternoon.

Police made the traffic stop in the 700 block of Northeast Johnson Street near the Laurelwood Apartments. The driver, Kelly Cummings, 34, reportedly left the vehicle and fled on foot, attempting to hide behind a neighboring house.

Police confirmed that Cummings had an outstanding felony arrest warrant for a parole violation, and Cummings was transported to the Douglas County Jail. While being searched at the jail, a Douglas County Corrections deputy found Cummings in possession of 16.22 grams of meth and 5.39 grams of heroin, according to the police report.

Individuals are permitted to carry up to one gram of either meth or heroin as a "personal use" amount, with any larger amounts subject to criminal charges.

Cummings faces charges of unlawful possession and delivery of both meth and heroin, and also was held on the felony parole violation warrant. Initial bail was set at $500,000.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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(3) comments

NR blogger

Douglas County is getting more trendy every day. Careful of the Manson family and the Klan. (There, I made it sound less conspiratorial.)


Speaking of the Klan, could it be there's any affiliation between Mike Carter and those hate-filled mentally compromised idiots? Carter's the "Move Oregon's Border" Chief Petitioner in a lawsuit he filed in U.S. District Court in Eugene to try to get the court to allow a ballot measure to steal 17 Oregon counties and turn them into Idaho. I don't know about anyone else, but that smacks of an attempt to create a second country, one full of White Nationalism. He must believe if Fascists can't start another civil war he'll just sneak another country by gradual and illegal Succession. sources: -- and now:

NR blogger

Not quite that complex. I was just saying people should be careful of local crime factions and crime families. They're pretty common in this area. Sometimes you have to take a few steps back to see something clearly. Douglas County is high crime.

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