U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Springfield, hopes to make transportation more climate-friendly and extend the $300 per child monthly COVID-19 relief payments beyond the end of the year.

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If I remember right it was the republicans who in the late 70"s did away with the O & C funds Southwest Oregon counties received over the last 100 or so years for timber harvested off the O & C lands.


Nope! Your memory isn't very good.




The willfully misinformed have been having a lot of fun. Let's just lead readers to the truth. "Rep. Peter A. DeFazio, D-Ore., owns a half share of a rental home in Akaroa, New Zealand. He also has an account with the Bank of New Zealand." source: https://www.rollcall.com/2015/10/29/wealth-of-congress-superlatives-video/

DeFazio does not own a yacht. "DeFazio does live on a boat. DeFazio lives at the Gangplank Marina aboard the "Eastward Ho." This 32-foot cabin cruiser was purchased in 2007 for $16,500. This in my mind does not bring up images of "a yacht." source: https://www.registerguard.com/story/opinion/letters/2020/10/09/luxury-studio-apartment/5925160002/

And finally, a couple of resources on how DeFazio has been working for timber in all of southwestern Oregon. Note the dates: https://theworldlink.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/oregon-counties-feeling-financial-strain-today-from-years-of-o-c-funding-cuts/article_4b829d2c-33a9-11e4-992b-001a4bcf887a.html -- and, https://www.oregonlive.com/environment/2012/03/defazio_touts_idea_to_help_cou.html

It appears as though Alex Skarlotos' campaigning is where much of the misinformation is coming from. Alex is a true, dyed-in-the-wool, forever Trumper with all the delusional lies to boot. Just ask all his friends in the photos. As concerned as he is about Biden's Afghanistan evacuation, he says nothing about how his messiah Trump made deals with the Taliban to take over the country. sources: https://www.instagram.com/alekskarlatos/?hl=en -- https://www.facebook.com/pg/AlekForOregon/posts/ -- and, https://twitter.com/alekskarlatos

Wouldn't it be great if candidates could campaign on their merits alone instead of consistently telling lies about their opponents? Wonder who taught candidates to do that? (cough/trump)

You boys go ahead and have your fun spreading the lies you love to spread. There will always be someone willing to show you the truth. Oh yes, and have a nice day. [smile]

Huge bbfan

Peter blows a lot of smoke but if you look beyond that he's done nothing for Oregon or the United 🇺🇲.


Huge bbfan: I suggest you know nothing of his work*. He's worked to end our endless wars, audit the DoD, take back war powers, develop our local economy and build national infrastructure, inter alia. He also provides superb constituent services, especially to veterans.


*if this reference is too obscure, google Woody Allen / Marshall McLuhan.


Yeah, he’s a peach which is why Douglas county used to be wealthy and prosperous with many lumber mills and low unemployment. All that’s gone south under DeFasio replaced with horrendous forest fires, drug dependency, homeless and high unemployment. Tell me how he worked to stop our endless wars. If he has, he’s been a dismal failure.


In his early years, Peter was pretty fair and had a genuine interest in helping his constituents. That was then and now-a-days Peter is a self serving democrat with an ego bigger than Joe and neither one is doing Douglas County any good. It will be nice when Pete gets on his sailboat (yacht) and sails off to New Zealand.

I wonder if he'll take Joe with him?


I’d heard that “Petie” had a house in NZ, I suppose a yacht goes with that with the Kiwi sailing craze. Would live to challenge “Petie” to a match race in J 24s on Fern Ridge, I’d cede him one crew, I’d singlehand and I still bury the the bastid. He’s from Needham, I’m from Fa’haven, where Josh Slocum set off for the first singlehanded circumnavigation.


Old Joisey proves he knows nothing about boats. A 32 ft powerboat is by definition a yacht. It’s not a work boat and insurance companies would classify “Petie’s” boat a yacht for insurance purposes. I doubt he lives on it in the winter. The conditions on the Potomac in the winter are miserable, he probably hangs out on it during the good weather and retreats ashore in Sept.

with respect to Afghanistan, the a Trump administration drew down troop levels and no soldiers were killed in 2020 because Trump laid down the law to the Taliban. Whats’s more Trump handed over a detailed evacuation plan to Biden about how to get all allies and Americans out in a timely manner and the destroy equipment and bases before pulling out the last of the troops. Maintaining air power and ground intel were keys to the plan. Biden rejected it, so here we are. If you tbibk Biden is going such a great job, why are left wing news organizations turning on him?


Prove it. Show links to your information.


Here’s one link, dispute it if you can



scomo, now I understand. You're reading the RAIR Foundation, an alt-right anti-Muslim hate group, founded by Chris Gaubatz, who joined up with John Guandolo from Understanding the Threat, another Muslim hate group. Together they travel the country training law enforcement to hate Muslims.


Trump didn't lay down any law with the Taliban, he laid down and rolled over for them in his effort to own them. He freed Mullah Baradar from prison in 2018 and had Pompeo making deals in Qatar but by turning his back on the Afghan government had no clue that the Taliban had no intention of honoring any art of his deal and took over the country very quickly. Mullah Baradar is now the President of Afghanistan. https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/why-mike-pompeo-s-vacillations-afghanistan-matter-n1276909 -- or you can just watch Rachel Maddow at 6:30 minutes in. Watch all of it, you'll learn something: https://youtu.be/aPgdlFeHqMg

By the way, Biden has evacuated a total of 63,900 people from Afghanistan since the end of July and thousands more every day. https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/afghanistan-news-taliban-refugees-08-24-21/h_dba453c301fa721c7fd090a048a1e31e

If you're believing the lies of hate groups and fostering the lies they tell, your facts become just opinion and you lose credibility against what is actually true. Carry on with your First Amendment Rights, but don't expect anyone to actually believe the lies you foster.


Hey Joisey, Trump freed Barbardar to facilitate peace talks with the Taliban. Here’s what he told him:

“He went on to tell Baradar that he knew where his village was and if the Taliban would go back on their agreement then America would send a great force to his village first.”

By contrast, Biden dances to the Taliban’s tune. Shuah, they’ve evacuated a lot of people and some of them were even Americans. Are you aware that the Taliban is sneaking fighters into the crowd, I mean whoa! Who would’ve thought that?

In one fell swoop Biden made the Taliban one of the largest air forces in the world. They have more Black Hawk choppers than most of our NATO allies.

This is an unmitigated disaster on a massive scale. But don’t listen to me, listen to the leaders of NATO countries. They feel as betrayed as the Americans who will be left behind in Afghanistan. Biden is a senile, idiotic, old fool who is destroying America. On September 11th we will commentate the 20th anniversary of Bill Clinton and W’s screwup, I pray to God that we won’t have far worse terrorist attacks on that day and after.

You’re a fool if you think everything will be fine, Biden’s open border will be the conduit of the next terrorist attacks in America.

But, being one of the five or six News Review subscribers, you’re probably not aware of the porosity of our southern border, but I’m sure you know all about covid.


Again, just opinion with no credibility. You even post a quote, but no link. It wouldn't matter anyway, your "information" so far is only alt-right anti-Muslim hate groups. I'll wait till the committees are done investigating: https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2021-08-19/democratic-led-committees-vow-investigations-on-afghanistan


Hey Joisey, do you have access to TV or the Internet or are you under a rock or have head in the sand? EVERY news outlet has reported that Biden abandoned Bagram WITHOUT destroying the aircraft or munitions.

Here’s what they seized at Kandahar


Here’s what was left behind at Bagram:


Do you enjoy being an ostrich?


Oh, another thing, I resent your accusations about me getting information from Muslim hate groups. I had no idea what you wrote about. I’d never heard of those groups until you mentioned them. That indicates to me that you dabble in crazy left wing fringe media. Not surprising. I bear no hatred toward any ethnic group, but I am completely intolerant of hate-filled oppressive movements, regardless of their ethnic roots. The Taliban fits that mold. So, are you telling me that you believe the Taliban is a good thing? Have you any concept of what they did to Afghanistan during their previous rule in the 90s? Probably not, because you appear to be a hypersensitive left wing ideologue who refuses to logically consider opposing arguments. You’re a typical leftie who resorts to demonizing and name calling when you can’t support your fragile position.

Good bye Joisey, I think you should go back to NJ and leave Douglas County to her predominantly fair-minded residents.


You're going to have to just suck it up with your resentment, your link of "proof" was to the RAIR website, a known anti-muslim hate group. While Defense News outlines what was left behind you don't seem to grok that Trump, who signed this agreement with the Taliban in February of 2020, to be out by May of 2021 had no plan to begin getting any assets out of Afghanistan in that 10 months' time. By April of 2020 he was telling people they could inject bleach to cure their Covid. His only thought was in downplaying a deadly virus as a hoax. In truth mistakes have been made by both administrations. We're great at going in, not great at getting out. https://www.factcheck.org/2021/08/timeline-of-u-s-withdrawal-from-afghanistan/ One last thing, stop fishing for my location. I won't be posting again to anything you use as diversion from the size of the boat DeFazio calls home.


DeFazio the losah! Alex Skarlatos for Congress! DeFazio said 20 years of nation building didn’t work in Afghanistan. He was in Congress during that entire process, what did he do to try to stop it? I guess his hindsight is 20-20, he never did have any foresight. Get him out!


You misspell a lot of other 4-letter words?


That’s because you don’t undahstand the propah pronunciation of the word LOSAH. It’s like a close baseball game and one team scoahs six runs at the top of the ninth. That’s when you yell

O-V-A. Like aftah this fiasco in Afghanistan, the demorat DeFasio’s cahreah is O-V-A.


Apparently, you can't count, either. I referenced a four-letter word; neither the neologism "LOSAH" nor "loser" is a four-letter word. Would you care to guess again which four-letter word you were incapable of spelling correctly?


Would you cayah to go soak youah head?

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