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I agree. I’m interested in those reasons and as a NR reader would think that’s fair and the right thing to do. Also hear there are girls that stayed on the team that know of the mis-treatment but are afraid to speak up.


There were 20 girls who went and talked to the administration in defense.Why would they do so if do these where afraid to speak up about the mis-treatment you would think they might have just stayed away?


Dear News Review, this poll seems irresponsible on your part considering you have not fairly told the other side of the story. Honestly, I think your editor should be embarrassed by this and your paper doesn't seem to run on the two main principles of journalism, being accurate and fair. Maybe a better poll should've been, who is interested to hear what were the real reasons why the volleyball players left the team.


Great thought! It would be nice to have a story released that reports there was no findings of any of the inaccurate claims. Pretty sad to me that we cannot have unbiased news reporters nowadays.

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