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Offences need to be defined. And anyone who is to exaggerate the truth should be held even more responsible. Mogie


If I'm not mistaken, although it might not be a written "law", disorderly conduct is probably written into county codes or city ordinances under "malicious mischief", so banning a person from a public place already happens when people are charged with disorderly conduct & appear before a judge. (Businesses already have the right to ban a person for demonstrating inappropriate behavior, without filing for a restraining order.) I agree that if people can't seem to conduct themselves properly in a public place, they deserve to be banned from the area for a time, so they can reassess their behavior.

Stanley Petrowski

Public places should be areas where people of all ages should feel free to enjoy the natural world or social interaction without being intimidated by rowdy people.


Forever? No. For the offence? Yes. Where can people let lose? Live and let live


If you want to let lose and act like a fool do that in the privacy of your own home. When in public have some self control. If you can't or won't behave go stand in the corner.

Patricia Bales

the problem is--an already aroused person may not be able to keep from doing a lot of hurt. Whether with fists, knives, bottles, or worse. A person with an anger issue needs more than a slap on the hand, they need real help.


If you can't behave, you're punished.
The punishments are different if you misbehaved in Kindergarten or murdered your wife.
THIS punishment seems quite appropriate.

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