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Some of these other comments gave me a great idea - why not make the CLOSED LIBRARY into the boutique hotel?


Why not a water park that will attract people and fill the hotels in town that are already here.


It seems the priorities are skewed . Our Libraries go unfunded, but we waste $20,000 on a "study" of a really bad idea. Get a clue guys.


I don't know exactly what a "boutique" hotel is but I am sure it will be more beautiful after it closes than that Safeway building. The visitor will have a lot to do...Walk a block to the train tracks, go down to the park and watch the homeless, eat in 10 or so restaurants downtown, no shopping, you've got the idea.


All you need to do, to answer this poll, is ask yourself, "What would attract patrons to such a hotel?" For instance, the people awaken, go downstairs and then do what???


WHENEVER government gets involved and subsidizes ANY project, basically picking winners and losers, we ALL lose!

Can anyone tell me ONE THING the government does better (federally or locally) then the free market? I cant think of 1. BOTTOM LINE, If the old safeways would make for a great place for a hotel, KNOW that someone in the private sector would have already "invested" 20K in a feasibility study and would invest their own money for such a project.

Question, has ANYONE done this yet? I am going to assume that answer to be NO.... and there is a REASON for it!

The GOVERNMENT needs to stay out of the way of free market business and let the free market reign.... Common sense!


Is boutique a nice way of saying


What in the HECK are they thinking? Instead of WASTING 20K on a study to see if a hotel will be good here, or wasting 5 MILLIONS of dollars straightening out an already functioning road in Stewart parkway....... the city should finance it's own city wide library!

Oy Vey...... where did all the common sense in this county/city gone?

There MUST BE to much fluoride in the water or something!

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