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What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED are the people that voted NO..... not understanding?


I'm not sure whether or not all people can be judged mentally handicapped! Who are these people? Do they carry an identification card stating they are mentally handicapped? Does a gun dealer need to ask for a person's mentally handicapped ID prior to selling him/her a gun. The idea I think is worthwhile, but enforcement of those known mentally handicapped and probably a vast number who are mentally ill and untreated may be an impossibility. Can anyone tell me how this will be enforced? I can see tracking an individual who has been hospitalized in a mental hospital, but who determines the rest out there? Many times a person is not identified as mentally handicapped until after the deed is done. Then, a family member may say, "Yes he had some mental issues, but never sought help"! Then, there are all the other devices that can be used by the mentally impaired, a knife, a baseball bat, a rock, a saber, fire and being combatant! This is a huge issue and guns always seem to be at the heart of the matter.


House vote to remove the Social Security recipients that receive assistance, including financial, from the background check data base. Doesn't have a mental health aspect just an assistance aspect.


Do you agree with the House's vote to remove those with mental health problems from the firearm background check database? I hope that means do you agree with the House's vote to remove those with mental health problems from the firearms background check database so they won't be able to own a firearm. Just a little extra info to make the question clearer.

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