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I think that it is a good idea. I'm not sure who would be distributing these food boxes. The only place o e would assu e would. E the

I think that it is a good thing, provided that it includes items from your 4 basic food groups at a feasible cost to everyone and feasible access to those who are allowed to get them. Would people distributing them be through the local food banks or through separate warehouse distribution? Hope that this will help to cut costs and help people stay healthy at the same time.


I can see the reasoning behind food boxes (that way people can't spend their food stamps on things like soda pop, candy, etc.) but that limits your selection. What if people a vegan or have dietary restrictions. Seems like there has to be a better solution. There should be a third option on this poll for those aren't sure one way or another.


So it’s ok for you to have soda, candy , cookies etc, but because I am on public assistance it’s not ok for me to have those things? People do not by just junk food, yes they may indulge for a treat, but that is all the money for the entire month for food. Only an idiot would blow it all on junk food. So your assumption that that’s what we”waste it on” is wrong. Also, what gives your or any body else the right to tell a person or in this case a group of people that be soy out are on SNAP you can’t eat these things. We don’t tell you because you make less than $20,000 a year you aren’t allowed to buy an liquor, cigarettes etc. You would not like being told you can’t have something because of that. You have no more right to tell me what to eat than I do to tell you what to eat. If your going to play that game we can’t can’t have certain things than you don’t get them either. Just because we are the working poor, elderly or disabled and assitaodoest not make us second class citizens for you to control.


Our system is, sadly, designed in many instances to keep people in poverty and to negatively and harshly judge them for being in poverty. WE the people need to really work on that "we," part.

just me

do you need a house with a view, cable or satellite tv, a cadillac to drive???

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