Roseburg Fire Station 2

The Harvard Avenue fire station may see intermittent closures because of COVID-19-related staffing shortages.

The Roseburg Fire Department may intermittently close its West Harvard Avenue station because of COVID-19-related staffing shortages, according to the department.

If the station is forced to close, crews would be redistributed to the fire station at 700 SE Douglas Ave., and the station at 801 NW Garden Valley Blvd., because maintaining response times throughout the city would be best achieved by buttressing those two stations, Roseburg Fire Chief Monte Bryan said in a press release.

"Every effort is being made to limit closures and would be made to reopen the station as quickly as possible if a closure was necessary," Bryan said.

During a potential closure, signs would be posted on the Harvard Avenue station directing people in need to call 911.

Those who need to contact the fire department for non-emergency business are urged to call 541-492-6770 or email

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Roseburg Fire Chief Monte Bryan falsely said, "every effort is being made to limit closures and would be make to reopen the station as quickly as possible."

If "every effort" was truly being made, the Fire Chief would mandate vaccinations for all of his staff, especially the paramedics who deal most closely with the public.


Dear Roseburg City Council,

Please put mandatory vaccination of city employees on your next agenda. Also make masks part of the dress code.


Please stop insisting on controlling the rights of people. If you are afraid of the virus, get the vaccine and/or stay home. Let everyone else make their own health decisions.

I have had the vaccine. Yet I am troubled to see that covid is skyrocketing, and the more people are vaccinated...the more cases we have. This is an untested vaccine over the long term. We have no idea of the long term effects. And the more Biden pushes the vaccine on us, the more suspicious I become.

Also, it is unhealthy to breathe in your own carbon dioxide every day.


kaydee, thank you for your comment. You asked a good question yesterday about number of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated who have been getting sick, hospitalized and dying.

Dr. Dannenhoffer regularly discussed that on his weekly live session, but it was discontinued last week. He said that the majority of people who were hospitalized were unvaccinated. The majority of the dying were unvaccinated. The vaccinated who died were usually immuno-compromised. That meant their bodies did not make good antibodies in response to the vaccine. They were immuno-compromised by advanced old age, chemo, organ transplant and strong immune-suppressing drugs that some people have to take for serious illness.

The N-R can probably get the latest info directly from Dr. D.

Covid is an infectious disease that has already killed 640,000 Americans. It's killing about 3 people a day in Roseburg.

Please stop insisting that anyone has the right to infect others with a deadly disease. If anyone is afraid of the vaccine or wearing masks they are the ones who should stay home.

Doctors have worn surgical face coverings for many hours a day without ill-effect. If breathing your own breathe feels unhealthy to someone, they need to see a dentist, get their teeth cleaned, brush regularly and quit smoking. I've noticed that the people who protest the loudest about not wearing masks do not seem to have the best oral hygiene.

I want to congratulate you for getting the vaccine. That took courage if you questioned it or felt suspicious. That was not only a brave thing to do, it was generous because it makes you less of a risk to others. You did good.

The breakthrough cases can be contagious. That's why we're being asked to wear masks, socially distance, avoid unnecessary gatherings and travel and to frequently wash our hands. The more citizens who view it as a public health issue with no political philosophy attached, the sooner we will have covid in our rear-view mirror.


msworden, Thank you for your very informative and polite response. My husband and I were probably the first to start wearing masks in the area. We used to wipe off our groceries with anti-bacteria wipes before we brought them in the house. People used to look at us like we were weirdos.

Because we are both in our 70s, we do avoid going out except for necessary shopping. We watch our church service online. But that's our "choice." If everyone were as careful as we are, there would be far fewer cases.

We are also retired. I can see the problem in the work environment where you have to show up or loose your paycheck. And on the other hand, I believe a person needs to be able to determine what they are going to put in their body. There really is just no good answer. People just need to be as careful as possible. If everyone were as polite about the issue as you are, we could solve this much sooner. Right now, most people are just yelling...including me. You have shown me a good lesson.


PS Nothing wrong with my hygiene. I just can't breathe in the mask. :(


kaydee, thanks for your nice reply. I appreciate it!

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