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A Douglas County Sheriff’s office vehicle regulates traffic turning from Lookingglass Road onto Whispering Pines Way in 2017.

The public safety levy tasked with temporarily holding up the county’s sheriff’s budget has been removed from November’s ballot, according to county officials.

In early August, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to place the $2.38 per $1,000 public safety levy on the ballot. The five-year levy would allow commissioners to tax up to that amount each year, with all of the money going straight to the sheriff’s budget.

The levy, if passed, would have generated $16 million for sheriff’s services in the first year, allowing the sheriff’s patrols and the jail to continue at current service levels.

During the August commissioner meeting, Commissioner Chris Boice said he had “extremely mixed feelings” about the levy because he doesn’t support new taxes. Boice noted that neighboring counties like Josephine, Coos and Lane have had to make similar decisions and that significant public safety cuts had been made in those counties before voters agreed to new taxes.

In Josephine County, Boice said wings of the jail were closed and patrol divisions were laid off.

Both Boice and Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment.

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Why aren't they allowing the voters to make this decision?


may be generous with overtime, say no overtime or only with sheriff's approval and cut overtime for traveling to training, court testimony, etc also let them have trade time off instead. use more volunteers. write more grants. keep the services.


You get what you pay (or don't) pay for. I don't mind taxes that could save lives.


And so Douglas County's death spiral continues. Our "leaders" can't even figure out how to fund basic services like law enforcement. Trump supporters, every single one. It's no wonder we can't attract new industry. Stuck on guns, timber and outdated ideology the majority of Americans have rejected. We (collectively) voted them in, so we got what we wanted. In Douglas County, we're proud of our stubborn ignorance.


WTH does Trump, guns, logging, etc have in common with the Sheriff's budget article? You're ranting, and making no sense. Majority of Americans according to who? Nice try, but no cigar!

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