A Roseburg man was arrested Monday after he allegedly pushed a housekeeper onto his hotel bed and started rubbing her butt while she was cleaning his room.

James Michael Pitts, 49, was at Seven Feathers Casino Resort on Monday morning when a female housekeeper began cleaning rooms, according to court documents.

The housekeeper went into Pitts’ room and announced herself, leaving the door open with a door stop, according to court documents.

The woman told police that Pitts patted his hand on the bed and told her to come sit next to him. He said she deserved a break.

She told Pitts she was happily married and would either clean the room or leave, according to court documents.

A few moments later, she noticed that the door was closed, according to court documents.

She told police Pitts grabbed her upper arm, pushed her onto the bed and started rubbing her butt.

She jerked back at him with her elbow and Pitts let her up, she told police.

She made it out of the room and went to her boss, according to court documents.

When police interviewed Pitts they asked what happened with the housekeeper. Pitts replied “Oh nothing … I was … nothing bad anyway … it was just … Why? Did she say something bad? Because I mean I was talking to her,” according to court documents.

Police asked Pitts if he took the door stop off.

“Did I take the door stop off the door? Yeah I did,” Pitts said.

When asked why, he said “Well I did.”

Pitts told police that he asked the housekeeper to sit on the bed with him.

When asked why, he said “I don’t know. I didn’t think anything of it, I was just joking around with her, you know? But she didn’t seem like she was any bit, you know, uncomfortable.”

When police asked how the housekeeper ended up on the bed, Pitts said “Nothing illegal happened. Nothing bad happened.”

Pitts was charged with first-degree sex abuse, harassment and lodged in the Douglas County Jail.

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Crime and Natural Resources Reporter

Saphara Harrell is the crime and natural resources reporter for The News-Review. She previously worked at The World in Coos Bay. Follow her on Twitter @daisysaphara.

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No chocolate mint on his bed!

Willie Stroker

I'm sure 7'2" Tyrone would love to sit on the bed with him....

Old Tobi

I hope he doesn't expect the jailer to sit on the bed with him. I am so glad to see that his behavior wasn't tolerated. Enduring sexual harassment isn't in the job description.

st paddy

ain't it the pitts

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