A black angus steer, that escaped its trailer near milepost 124 on Thursday morning, eluded police and its owner before it was later euthanized at the Roseburg High School parking lot.

At 5:47 a.m., police received a report that the steer had escaped and the owner was trying to locate it and keep it from getting on the freeway. At the time, the owner believed the steer would have to be euthanized.

The steer made its way to the Roseburg High School parking lot where it was put down. The owner of the steer was able to remove it and load it back in the trailer afterward. There were no students on the campus at the time.

The Roseburg Police Department later received calls of a large pool of blood on the ground near the visitor's center on Southeast Spruce Street in Roseburg. It was determined this also was from the steer, as the owner pulled to the side of the road in that area after leaving Roseburg High School.

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David Sayers

PETA (People Entirely Too Agitated) don’t consider that if that cow had gotten on the freeway it probably would be killed (and suffered horribly) anyway plus could have caused a deadly vehicle accident which could have been deadly. Of course realistic scenarios have no place in peta thinking when they can use ( misuse) an opportunity to push their agenda.


At the high school? Does that count as a school shooting?


Steer's lives matter.


I agree with post "my name here" why couldn't they have used a stun gun instead.

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