Douglas County Sheriff’s deputy William Maynes monitors vehicles heading south on Northeast Stephens Street in Winchester on Wednesday. On Monday, the sheriff’s office launched its “Click It or Ticket” patrol campaign, which emphasizes safety and proper use of seat belts and child restraint systems. The campaign will run through Nov. 29.

Beginning Monday, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office launched its annual “Click It or Ticket” patrol campaign along with other agencies throughout Oregon.

The campaign will last through Nov. 29.

Through federal grant dollars from the Oregon Department of Transportation, the campaign allows enhanced patrols specifically for the enforcement and education of Oregon’s seatbelt and child restraint system laws. The patrols will be county-wide.

Sgt. Mark Norris said that while citations may be issued for violations, the primary focus is education.

“Our primary goal is to gain compliance with the law and to ensure the safety of everyone on the road,” Norris said in a press release. “This is all about safety.”

ODOT statistics from 2018 showed that lack of safety belt or child restraint use was a factor in 81 of 311 motor vehicle fatalities. Nationwide, the leading cause of death of children ages one through 12 is vehicle crashes. Of the 1,832 children in that age group injured in a crash, 11% reportedly were not properly using a child restraint system.

An Oregon law passed in 2017 requires children to ride in a rear-facing safety seat until at least two years of age. Any child over two years of age must continue to ride in a car seat with a harness or in a booster seat until they reach eight years old or the height of 4 feet, 9 inches, or until the adult seat belt fits them correctly.

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The sheriff's office is going to enforce wearing seat belts and using child safety seats. That's important because 489 people died in car crashes last year and 38,000 died nationally.

But they're going to look the other way for not wearing masks and large social gatherings during a pandemic that's killed 788 so far this year in Oregon and over 250,000 nationally.

I guess that's because they figure that wearing a seat belt is so much less intrusive on individual liberty than wearing a mask. Can anyone think of other reasons why?


mworden: yep. It is regrettable that public health was politicized. It has worked to the virus' advantage.


Our Sheriff has done a calculation that more people in Douglas County would vote for him and hero worship him is he chose to not enforce the Governor's facemask mandate. Our Sheriff has done a lot of good things in Douglas County. But NOT enforcing the facemask mandate has nothing to do with public safety. While he could be a courageous leader enforcing public safety, he instead chooses to be a coward who is afraid of angering his voter block.

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