The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported six new positive tests Wednesday, and the Oregon Health Authority reported some good news in its weekly outbreak report.

Douglas County, set to drop to the state’s “high risk” designation effective noon Friday, has had 26 positive cases since Monday, which is the beginning of the weekly reporting period for the state health authority.

Seven area residents are receiving hospital treatment for the coronavirus. Three of those patients are being cared for locally while four are outside the county. As of Wednesday, 110 confirmed positive patients are in isolation, while the response team is also monitoring 233 potential contacts who are in quarantine.

In its Wednesday report, the Oregon Health Authority announced 379 new and presumptive cases and one new death: an 85-year-old Multnomah County woman whose Feb. 15 death was attributed to COVID-19.

The Oregon Health Authority released its outbreak report for senior living and assisted living centers, as well as workplace outbreaks.

The state reported one new case in an ongoing outbreak at Umpqua Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, raising the total number of cases to 14.

Rose Haven Nursing Center, which had as many as 57 total positive tests and four deaths related to COVID-19 in mid-February, was moved to the OHA’s list of resolved outbreaks in Wednesday’s report.

Things also have slowed in Douglas County as it pertains to workplace outbreaks, with four businesses seeing no increase in cases, three of which would be eligible to be moved to the “resolved” list in the next Oregon Health Authority weekly report.

Keller Lumber, 307 Labor LLC (formerly Servpro of Douglas County) and the Dillard composites plant of Roseburg Forest Products each saw no change in their outbreak case counts and, provided those businesses go through the next reporting period (March 22-27) without a new positive case, would be considered resolved.

In order for a workplace outbreak to be considered resolved, that business must go 28 days without a new confirmed positive coronavirus test.

Roseburg Forest Products’ Dillard plywood plant also saw no increase in its case count, but would need to get through the next two reporting periods to be considered resolved, as its last reported case was March 5.

Douglas County businesses that had cases added to their active outbreaks include:

  • Swanson Group Manufacturing: one new case, last reported March 12 (36 total cases).
  • Roseburg Forest Products Dillard (lumber plant): one new case, last reported March 17 (15 total).
  • Roseburg VA Medical Center: four new cases, last reported March 17 (13 total).
  • Umpqua Dairy: eight new cases, last reported March 20 (13 total).
  • Roseburg Forest Products Riddle (plywood plant): two new cases, last reported March 13 (seven total).

The workplace outbreak at SouthRiver Community Health Center in Winston, which was first reported Jan. 20, had not had a new case since Feb. 18 and was moved to the resolved designation by the state as of Wednesday.

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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(7) comments


Not against the vaccine, but for now I will not be getting the jab. If/when I decide to, it will be the J&J vaccine or nothing due to it being more proven technology with a longer track record of use on humans. The mortality rate for my demographic is extremely low. Can you stop wearing a mask after the vaccine? No Is it recommended you be in large groups after taking the vaccine? No. Is there a chance you could still get covid after taking the vaccine? Yes. Can you still transmit covid after taking the vaccine? Yes ....... So for me right now, it's a no.


According to the Washington Post, 49% of Republican men say they will not be getting vaccinated against covid-19. Seeing that Douglas County has a majority of right-leaning people, regardless of whether they're registered as GOP, Independent or Unaffiliated, I'm wondering what kind of impact that's having on vaccination efforts here.

In his last FB chat, Dr. Dannenhoffer said that not enough people were showing up at some events and at some vaccinators to use all the available vaccine and he was trying to get the state to loosen up their categories of who could and couldn't get a shot.

I received the first shot last Saturday at a special vaccine event at Evergreen, where I'm a patient. They called me to come in and I was very grateful. Once I am fully vaccinated I will feel safer (not 100%, but still safer) going out into the community and mixing with other people.

I'm wondering if any right-leaning folks out there would be willing to comment on whether or not they intend to be vaccinated and why or why not. Thank you.


And, of course, I also would like to hear what left-leaning and center-leaning folks think on the subject of vaccination. Sorry for leaving that out in the original post.


No vaccination here! Do your research of whats in it and what those substances can also still get Covid after getting the money maker shot! Symptoms will be less but that depends on how well your body reacts. Good luck!

Marine Vet

Conspiracy Theories make stupid people feel relevant.


Below are the percentage vaccinated for each gender in Oregon and Douglas County according to today’s Oregon Health Authority data.





Marine Vet

Hey but they just bought 2 New Vans to go around & look for that 50 % who will get vaccination's.

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