Legislators serving Douglas County at the state and national level voiced opposition Tuesday to an Oregon Republican Party statement that condemned 10 U.S. House Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump and claimed the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol was a “false flag” event.

The ORP garnered national attention this week for a resolution it passed Jan. 19 likening the 10 Republicans who voted in favor of impeachment to traitors. The resolution said they had conspired to “surrender our nation to Leftist forces seeking to establish a dictatorship.”

It went on to claim, inaccurately, that the storming of the Capitol was a “false flag” event designed to “advance the Democrat goal of seizing total power, in a frightening parallel to the February 1933 burning of the German Reichstag.”

The reference is to an event that Adolf Hitler used to seize power over Germany prior to World War II.

In a letter accompanying the resolution, the ORP said it demands “a full and transparent public investigation of the actual instigators of the violence” and calls the impeachment process a “sham.”

While no credible evidence has been advanced to support the idea that the storming of the Capitol was led by liberals or antifa, as some conspiracy theorists would have it, many who participated have been identified — some by themselves — as supporters of Trump and of right-wing conspiracy groups such as QAnon.

State and federal legislators serving the Douglas County area voiced opposition to the ORP statement this week.

U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio said in an email Tuesday it is not in dispute that President Joe Biden was the winner of November’s election. He also said it’s undisputed that the “rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6 were pro-Trump supporters — incited by the president himself — seeking to subvert the will of the people and keep Donald Trump in power.

“Nearly all of the insurrectionists have been identified as Trump supporters. Many are long-time QAnon adherents or members of the white nationalist Proud Boys. The attack on the Capitol was no false flag, and for the Oregon Republican leadership to say otherwise shows that they pledge allegiance to Donald Trump rather than the Constitution,” DeFazio said.

He said Trump must be held accountable to the Constitution he swore to uphold.

“We learn something new every week about to his efforts to overturn November’s free and fair election. He must be held responsible for his role in inciting the violence that left six people dead, and he must never be able to hold public office again. We cannot have unity without accountability,” DeFazio said.

State Rep. Gary Leif, R-Roseburg, said in an email Tuesday he was not aware of the ORP’s statement prior to its release. But he said it is “unfortunate and not in the best interest of our country.”

“I would encourage my fellow Oregon Republican lawmakers to focus on the many needs of our state and stop issuing proclamations that are outside of Oregon. We have been through a very challenging election and it is time to bring forward much needed bipartisan legislation that will help so many struggling Oregonians,” Leif said.

The Oregon Republican Party is a separate entity from the Republicans in the state legislature.

The Democratic Party of Oregon Tuesday issued a press release saying the ORP resolution was “shocking, but it is not surprising.”

“In the era of Trump, the Oregon GOP has seemingly given up on any effort to appeal to a majority of Oregonians,” the Democratic Party said.

It drew comparisons to Republican legislators’ walkouts that have blocked progress on Democratic legislative proposals.

The Democrats said the Republican “party leadership has increasingly aligned themselves with far-right conspiracy theories.”

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at ccegavske@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4213.

React to this story:


Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at ccegavske@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(25) comments


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The Hill logoSome 'Stop the Steal' protesters did not vote in 2020 election: analysis

A number of people who took part in the pro-Trump mob that overran the U.S. Capitol last month in opposition to the presidential election results did not vote in the race, a new analysis has found.



KGW reported comments from state reps and senators about the state GOPs leap onto the crazy train, including this -- Sen. Dallas Heard: "Unfortunately Senator Heard is not available for comment at this time."

I would still like to hear a comment from our local GOP.

You can read what others had to say here:



Heard never replies to anyone but "his" constituents.


From the link to KGW:

And on Jan. 6, 2021, as hundreds of armed protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol, Rep. Dallas Heard appeared at a protest outside the Oregon Capitol. He was seen not wearing a mask and rousing a crowd against the "enemy."

KGW has repeatedly reached out to Rep. Heard for comment about this incident but has never heard back.

In the weeks since that protest, Rep. Heard and another Republican legislator, Sen. Herman Baertschiger, have created a group called "Citizens Against Tyranny" in an effort to push back against COVID-19 safety regulations. According to reports, the group revealed the identity of two senior citizens who had filed complaints with state regulators who didn't comply with COVID regulations, calling them "filthy traitors."

Marine Vet

Ponder this about the New GOP. I.E - Called the Patriot Party. ****If 25 million people agreed to pay Trump $100 a year, that’s $2.5 billion free and clear, far more money than he would need to pay off his creditors. Oh, that’s insane, you say. No way that many people would ever pay for the incoherent thoughts of a deranged would-be demagogue. Arguendo, then, let’s solve for what he would need next year to pay his creditors and his legal bills. Say he needs $200 million to pay off the debt on Trump Tower in 2022 and for his perks and incidentals, then he would need 2 million people to pay him $100 each to get his newsletter. That’s less than 3% of the people who voted for him in November—after watching his four-year reign of terror. My bet is that he can easily do that. “We’re going to be stunned by how much money he makes and how he uses it,” the Wall Street banker says.


I doubt he'll be able to harvest the suckers at that level; but hey: I bought Enron at $100, and I got talked out of Starbucks' IPO; so: what do I know?

But Trump has well over $400,000,000 coming due soon, hemorrhaging commercial properties and golf courses, and the prospect f multiple states and the feds coming at him. If he still has deep pockets, we can expect Dominion to ask him for that 1.3 billion-with-a-B bucks.

So I'm less sanguine than you are for his economic future. He may be able to buy sufficient Diet Cokes from the prison canteen, though. I do hope so.


However, his book should have been titled The Art of The Grift: ""Since Election Day, the president and his allied organizations have raised well over half a billion (billion!) dollars from supporters who have been led to believe that they’re contributing to a ferocious legal defense," Sasse said. "But in reality, they’re mostly just giving the president and his allies a blank check."" source: https://www.politifact.com/article/2021/jan/08/what-we-know-about-trumps-fundraising-false-claim-/


DHS uses alert system for 1st time in a year to warn of domestic terrorism threat. The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning that anger "fueled by false narratives," especially unfounded claims about the 2020 presidential election, could lead some inside the country to launch attacks in the coming weeks.



Pence is in fear for his life because of Donald J. Trump. "We're now talking about a movement and a president that inspired people to come to Capitol Hill to try to kill - their words, not mine - the vice president of the United States and the Speaker of the House."



John Lennon "Just Gimme some Truth"



smedleyb: movie rec: "Yesterday"


[thumbup] The nostalgia is thick with this movie. Caused me to pull out a number of vinyl albums from the stack.


President Biden has asked the director of national intelligence to formulate a threat assessment of domestic violent extremism focused on the type of homegrown insurrectionists we saw invade the Capitol earlier this month.

“Violent extremism is a convergence of issues…including economic anxiety, the tribalization of communities, online platforms that sow division and stoke fear, news media fueled by algorithms of bias.”

The first task will be a threat assessment led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Homeland Security Department. Next will come a National Security Agency review of how the government can better share information about this threat and "support efforts to prevent radicalization, disrupt violent extremist networks, and more." The National Security Council will then start a "convened process" to address "radicalization, the role of social media, opportunities to improve information sharing, operational responses, and more.”



"Domestic violent extremism, tribalization of communities." Does that ring a bell?


Northern California man caught with pipe-bombs and a replica of 'Hitler's Buzzsaw' machine gun also carried a fake 'White Privilege' credit card.



Where is Dallas? Where is a statement from the DC Republican Central Committee? Where is Valynn Currie?



Absolutely we need to hear from these people. Why are they silent?


Send not for whom the bell tolls, GOP; it tolls for thee.

"According to the survey, some Republican voters would be willing to follow: Three in 10 Republicans said they would prefer to join the Patriot Party if it were led by Trump, versus 36 percent who said they would want to stay in the GOP. A quarter of Republicans said they did not know what they would do."

"50% of GOP voters said Trump should play a “major role” in the GOP, up 9 points from immediately after the Capitol riot.

81% of GOP voters hold favorable views of the president, improved from a 76% low in mid-January."



Great news story, Carisa. Thank you.

I would still like to hear from the leadership of the local GOP. They have been silent ever since their window breaking vandal was discovered to be a registered Republican. They had a lot to say about hateful Dems before that.

Looking back at all that .... people get emotional and emotional outburst can be easily forgiven (speaking for myself there.) The statement from the Oregon Republican Party is not an emotional outburst. It was a crafted response to the most shocking attack on Democracy that I've seen in my lifetime. It's disturbing. It's not in contact with reality. It's delusional to the point of being a criteria for diagnosis.

Most of the Republicans I know were furious when GOP extremists called Sandy Hook a leftist false flag event to eliminate the second amendment. They disdained so-called Truthers who denied 9/11 was a terrorist attack on the USA.

This is the most important political crisis of our lifetime. Far more important than 9/11. After 9/11, we stood united as a nation. Now we are divided. Will the GOP leadership divide us even more?

It's important to know if the Republican leadership in Douglas County supports or denounces the state GOP leadership's departure from reality.

Or will they remain silent enablers?

George Weston

I was wondering why Wayne and Todd were bringing up some bizarre talks about Germany recently, now I know why. Apparently, they have been brainwashed to believe this. Why should we believe anything they say in the future?


Carisa, thank you!

Individual Republicans and Republican politicians need to decide: are they going to continue to be the Party of Trump, the GQP*--or are they going to eject the crazies, as Goldwater, Buckley, et al. ejected the Birchers sixty years ago.


If the GOP is to be the GQP Party of Trump, then people who were sane Republicans must find a new home.

*GQP: the Q is for QAnon. Dallas Heard is clearly among them.


ORP, here's your public investigation: https://news.yahoo.com/video-shows-crowd-reaction-trump-172206556.html -- nice try though and not really a surprise. Your dear and fluffy uses the Charles Manson tactic of brainwashing, then orchestrating crime against our government while he stays well out of the frame of focus of the insurrectionist he is. The ORP, using the dictator playbook, have to now insist "it wasn't us, it was all YOUR actions, YOUR fault, YOU did this, not us".

It also shouldn't surprise anyone that Gary Leif, who supported Texas' attempt to overturn election results in 4 states not named Texas, and wanted all Oregonians to sign onto that lawsuit, now states that ORP's resolution is unfortunate. Wow, still in denial with that tepid response? That, Gary, is the epitome of a slimy politician. It begs the question, are you and the ORP Stupid or Nefarious? Oregonians deserve better than to have to put up with this ilk who are far from what I call Leaders.

Finally, nothing from State Legislation on the actions of Douglas County's pet seditionist who stunningly felt inciting insurrection was part of his elected job description when in fact his terroristic actions should land him on the sidewalk outside of our State Capitol. Dallas Heard needs to be removed as he's abdicated his responsibility to those he never really intended to represent.




Thank you Carissa.

What is missing is a comment from Sen. Heard, and also comments from the leaders of the Douglas County Republican Party. The OR-GOP resolution was adopted by its executive committee which includes a delegation from Douglas County. We citizens of Douglas County need to know if these local GOP leaders voted for this resolution.



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