Timber Unity

A speaker addresses the crowd outside the Capitol during a Timber Unity rally on Thursday.

Sen. Dallas Heard, R-Winston, was among a host of legislators and others set to address the crowd at a massive rally against proposed carbon legislation in Salem on Thursday.

A News-Review writer and photographer were on the scene at the Capitol before the paper went to press Thursday morning. Check online Thursday afternoon and in Friday’s newspaper for a full report and photos from the event.

Timber Unity was anticipating about 10,000 would attend the rally, including representatives from timber, trucking, agriculture and other fuel-dependent industries. Truck convoys were heading into Salem from around the state early Thursday morning.

The event was slated to wrap up by 3 p.m., giving participants an opportunity to attend a Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee hearing on the cap and trade proposal in Senate Bill 1530.

Timber Unity formed in 2019 in response to the similar House Bill 2020, which failed in last year’s session following a walkout by Republican senators.

In addition to Heard, speakers for the event include Timber Unity Founder Jeff Leavy; Timber Unity Association President Mike Pihl, Vice President Todd Stoffel and board member Tasha Webb; state Reps. Shelly Boshart Davis, Mike Nearman and Bill Post; former Rep. Julie Parrish; state Sens. Kim Thatcher, Herman Baertschiger and Dennis Linthicum; Alsea School Superintendent Marc Thielman; Rob Gensorek of Basin Tackle; American Mining Rights Association President Shannon Poe; state treasurer candidate Jeff Gudman; transportation management expert Lisa Holcomb; Kevin Starrett; Billy Hoyt and Todd Nash of the Oregon Cattleman’s Association; farmer Fred Simon; environmental scientist Bob Zybach; meteorologist Chuck Wiese; Consumers Power, Inc. Director Russ Sap and Oregon Woman Forester of the Year Heidi Leib. Timber Unity endorsed candidates for Clatsop, Yamhill and Clackamas County commissioner posts will also speak.

Angelita Sanchez of Lebanon-based Angel’s Rock N’ Roll Construction was set to emcee the event, with six lawmakers receiving #TimberUnity Courage in Conviction awards for their roles in helping block cap and trade legislation in 2019.

Sanchez said in a press release Wednesday that as long as Senate Bill 1530 impacts food, fuel and utility prices, Timber Unity will oppose it.

“We met with Governor Brown and we’ve asked her and other lawmakers, ‘How much carbon (in pounds or tons) are you actually trying to reduce?’ and we’ve been met with silence,” Sanchez said. “So at the rally, we’re going to kick off our concepts to reduce carbon without raising people’s taxes, and we’re going to promote what we believe are workable, low cost and cost-neutral ways we can help our environment, without putting companies like mine out of business.”

Timber Unity Association Vice President Todd Stoffel said in a press release Wednesday he hopes legislators are inspired by a large volume of protesters arriving in Salem for the rally.

“They’re coming off their farms, out of the forests, and driving from hundreds of miles away to put a face to the impact that lawmakers will have if they don’t listen to those of us affected by the policy agendas of special interests,” Stoffel said. “And maybe they’ll be inspired enough to set aside their concerns about their own reelections to do what’s right for the people of Oregon.”

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at ccegavske@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at ccegavske@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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This governor hates the timber industry, firearms, free speech but loves illegal aliens, homeless camps and drag queen story hour. No wonder our state is so screwed up. It's becoming California.


I'm guessing that this is not going to happen: "So at the rally, we're going to kick off our concepts to reduce carbon without raising people's taxes, and we're going to promote what we believe are workable, low cost and cost-neutral ways we can help our environment, without putting companies like mine out of business." It is unlikely that they will propose any solutions, let alone useful, effective solutions. In fact, most of them are in denial about climate science.


Most of us are not in denial about climate change. We acknowledge the weather and the fires and we see firsthand the effects of drought, snow and other changes happening to our environment. We are already a green industry. Everything we do helps to absorb and sequester carbon better than most anything else out there. We utilize or recycle every ounce of any tree that is harvested, and we always replant. Yes, we also drive trucks and heavy equipment and run mills, but we still more than offset our own emissions. How many other industries can say that they do that?

But, this scheme of taxation - a carbon tax (cap and trade) on top of the sales tax (gross receipts tax/school success funding) that has already been pushed though - is wrong and will absolutely hurt the rural Oregonians and lower to middle class folks more than anyone else. We aren't asking for anything extra; we are just asking to be able to continue to work hard, support our families and communities and maintain what is left of our industry. Many of us are barely getting by as it is, and now everything Oregonians buy from gas to groceries to building materials and utilities are going to cost more.

We understand climate change, but we are against over taxation, excessive government spending and government overreach. This cap and tax should not be shoved through a short session with an emergency clause. Legislation this controversial should be brought to the voters.

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