It’s clear that Sen. Jeff Kruse took his shirt off and smoked a cigarette during an online chat, while unaware he was being recorded.

But the person who posted the video on YouTube about a year ago implied it was more than that.

Kruse told The News-Review he was unaware of the video, which was posted in 2016, until state police contacted him about two weeks ago. He said he was told by police he might be a victim if sexual activity was happening during the recording. A caption underneath alleged he was masturbating.

According to Kruse, that wasn’t happening. The video is blurry and shows nothing below Kruse’s chest.

The video shows a man, which Kruse acknowledges is him, appearing on camera smoking a cigarette, smiling and wearing a shirt. In the lower corner of the screen, a woman’s face appears in a smaller screen, which is typical during a video chat.

The video does not have any audio and soon a message in French appears on the screen warning of a connection error.

About halfway through the nearly 4-minute video, Kruse stands up, removes his shirt and takes a seat in a recliner.

Oregon State Police Captain Bill Fugate confirmed this morning that they had contacted Kruse in order to investigate whether Kruse was the victim of an extortion attempt.

Kruse told The News-Review on Saturday that he was contacted by police, and that he did not know who had contacted them. Fugate said he believed the contact was from someone in the legislature. The News-Review has filed a request for the police records in the case.

Kruse recalled the online chat recorded in the video. He said he was speaking to a woman he believed was a 52-year-old from Texas, but that an investigation uncovered she was actually in Ghana.

He said the woman he spoke to was not the woman who appears in the corner of the screen.

The caption underneath the video also suggests that nine-year-old girls were watching, but there’s no evidence of that. Kruse said it’s “pure bullshit.”

“That was a private conversation between what I thought was me and a consenting adult, and we were just having fun,” he said.

He said he cut off contact with the woman when “it started getting a little hinkier than I wanted.”

“I was just having a conversation with somebody, and then she or he or whoever was in charge of it started going in a direction I didn’t like. I just severed all communication,” he said.

Kruse said there was no masturbation, and it was a dating site, not a porn chat site.

“I’m sitting in my chair talking,” he said.

“What I saw, the video quality was really poor. I would suggest it’s that poor on purpose, so they can make these assertions and you really can’t see. It almost looks like it was kind of pieced together. I don’t know, the whole thing is really strange,” he said.

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Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at 541-957-4213 or by email at Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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I say if you're too dumb to realize that you're probably being recorded on an Internet chat site, then you're probably too dumb to legislate on behalf of the people.


It was not Kruse in the Oval Office getting (you know what) on Monica Lewinski's blue dress. Clinton looked into the camera and said "I never had (you know what) with that woman, Ms Lewinski". When impeached and asked a question, he said, "That depends on what the meaning of 'is' is". Right along Democrat party lines, they condoned Clinton's actions in OUR oval office on OUR dimes. We all learned a new use for a cigar, too. Just get off your high horses and drop this nonsense. Kruse had a few moments of poor judgement. Are you so innocent yourselves? Let Kruse get back to doing the work we elected him to do. So sick of you liberal hypocrites!


Let him get back to work? Do you really think he is a person who can be taken seriously now? He got caught with his pants down (literally). Who wants to be represented by a pervert?


I'm really surprised that Mr. Kruse isn't arrested yet; did he think, his actions of a lewd act using a public system permits a future prosecutor to file indecency charges based on the act being perpetrated in a public space (both the government servers and Internet) where minors are present. It doesn't matter that two consenting adults acted. It's the fact that the act no matter how minor was done in the public presence and in a public space by a public official that has undergone many sexual workshops mandated by the State Legislature. Shame on you Mr. Kruse. I can only hope the State Police act fast to put the nasty indiscretion past us. Additionally, I would like to volunteer myself for either the State or Federal local or grand jury. I'd be like the "hang-em judge."


Former governor Neil Pedophile Goldschmidt was never called out on his 3rd degree rape of a 14 year old. So guess that just goes to show that politicians of all calibers believe they are above the law. The law must only apply to the average citizen.

just me

it was just a political discussion with one if his dem coworkers


Was his office door locked?

CCegavske Staff

Mr. Kruse was at home.


Did you establish this fact after the submission of your story?

Suzan Mesik

At the very least, this shows extremely poor judgement. At the worst, masturbating in his office while he is our elected representative. In any event, is this man really who we want looking out for us in Salem? And really, what has he brought to Douglas County besides these embarrassing situations?


And yet, he still has supporters. But not in Salem, where it really counts.

Handy Barker

...and he has no committee assignments, no door, and probably no respect of either state government leadership or businesses who could be bringing work and jobs to Douglas County.

Sign the petition:


Who takes their shirt off and sits back in a leather or vinyl chair?

Facts don't lie

He needs total recall


Ever hear the old saying "where there is smoke there is fire"?

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