Abbie Malek didn’t hesitate to say why she joined close to six dozen people on Saturday for a rally in Roseburg in support of President Donald Trump.

“It’s not over, and we need people to realize that we’ve got a ways to go,” said Malek, a Dixonville resident who, like many others, wore a “Trump 2020” hat to the rally. “We need to have integrity in something in our country. And for this vote, if you don’t have it, what else is there? I mean, our state isn’t in question, but who’s to say any of these other states in question or whatever the final vote is, is even true?”

Malek was part of a group that waved United States flags along with red and blue Donald Trump campaign flags. They descended on the familiar spot on Northwest Garden Valley Boulevard in front of Fred Meyer grocery store, the site of multiple demonstrations and protests this year and countless others over the years.

The group wasn’t alone. From Atlanta to Salem and Tallahassee to Bismarck, Boise and Phoenix, crowds ranging in size from a few dozen to a few thousand decried the news of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 general election after more than three exhausting days of vote-counting put the Democrat over the top. Skirmishes broke out in some places.

It was mostly a subdued but enthusiastic demonstration in Roseburg, with multiple cars and trucks driving by flying Trump 2020 flags to show support. It certainly wasn’t the first time this conservative stronghold has shown its support publicly for the president — Trump parades with flags, posters and banners on at least 50 or more vehicles deep traversed Roseburg each of the past two Saturday mornings leading up to election day.

But what prompted this protest, aside from news of Biden’s victory, were the events in the days leading up to it. Trump held substantial leads in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan heading into the wee hours of Nov. 3 before Biden began chipping away and making a comeback.

Early Saturday morning, The Associated Press, along with national television news networks like ABC News, Fox News and CNN, also called the race in favor of Biden. Trump, however, has claimed something has been amiss since his lead began disappearing and said as recently as Saturday morning he’d have won the election if only “legal votes” were counted.

So far, there has been no credible evidence of voter fraud, illegal voting or any wrongdoing at vote-counting locations that would indicate the reported results may be inaccurate.

Malek said that, along with multiple videos of poll watchers being turned away at counting facilities, led her to voice her opinion publicly on Saturday. Many videos that spread online showing supposed fraudulent activity at vote-counting locations have since been debunked.

“Even with as much as Twitter is censoring, there still are very many different sources showing actual videos of fraud happening. We’ve seen videos of ballot watchers being told they can’t come in to watch. The postal service people who say on video, ‘This is what I saw happening.’

“When you see one or two things, you can say, ‘Maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t,’” she continued. “But when you see the 30 or more different things all doing the same thing that are different instances in different states, you’ve got to believe at some point that this is really shady.”

The Trump campaign has filed five lawsuits in Pennsylvania, two apiece in Michigan and Nevada and one in Georgia, according to Time Magazine. One of the lawsuits in Pennsylvania asks “to intervene in an already existing dispute before the U.S. Supreme Court about whether ballots the state received after 8 p.m. on Election Day should count.”

“We just want an election that’s fair and legal, no matter who you voted for,” Roseburg resident Tina Twarowski said.

Saturday’s demonstration, however, was one by Douglas County residents who wanted their voices heard now. One was a Roseburg resident named Steve, who wouldn’t give his last name.

Although there was only one incident where a man walking by got into a heated argument with a demonstrator, Steve said most of the people driving by were supportive. He also said several Biden supporters drove by and voiced their opinion, too.

“Do you know how many people I’ve had go by me and say, f- — off?” he said.

Editor’s note: The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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(33) comments


DUHglas County can never be accused of being short on STUPID. These poor, pitiful white folks . . .


So what? Citizens doing what our Constitution gives them every right to do. Reality will slowly sink in, and they'll stay home. Seriously, everyone just needs to calm down. They are not your enemy.

I was more offended by the whacko across the street a few months ago with the fetus on his poster using his kids as props. That was just wrong on so many levels.


Fox News cuts away from Kayleigh McEnany press conference for alleging vote fraud with no evidence.


Roseburg protest = People using their Constitutionally protected right to peacefully assemble and express their opinion. Portland protest = burn, loot, riot, break, injure.


Philly Vote-Counters Getting Death Threats Because of Trump’s ‘Deranged’ Theories:

Such a bunch of peaceful people.


Death threats for Dr Fauci. And his daughters. Nice people on both sides.


Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims Are A Scam To Pay Off Campaign Debt. His cult following will never understand this. He is a GRIFTER!!!!!


smedleyb: well, in fairness, he is one of the most successful grifter/con man in history. It is stunning how blind his minions are. Willing dupes.


STOP WHINING! It was a fair election and the GOP/Trumpsters would be fine had there been a different outcome. Trump’s blaming, lying and being delusional has rubbed of on so many of you. Malek, a Dixonville resident said this absurd comment “We need to have integrity in something in our country.” Seriously INTEGRITY? Are you aware of trump hiring prostitutes, constantly lying, is a bully, racist, adulterer, has declared bankruptcy 4 times, loves to sue, sue, sue and could be placed in the category of a narcissistic Dictator. He has made $$$ off of his position, allowed his family members to be on the dole because of the nepotism he has encouraged. The only thing that has improved in the past 4 years is the incredible stock market run but those who have reaped the most rewards are big companies/CEOs due to Trump’s tax cutbacks. He has done away with some of the most critical programs our country needed and now with Covid he has put Americans in danger. His excuse for acting so slow was he didn’t want to cause panic. OMGosh what a sad state of affairs.


Food for thought from Zeynep Tufekci of The Atlantic:

the real message of this election is not that Trump lost and Democrats triumphed. It’s that a weak and untalented politician lost, while the rest of his party has completely entrenched its power over every other branch of government: the perfect setup for a talented right-wing populist to sweep into office in 2024. And make no mistake: They’re all thinking about it.


melrosereader: yes. It's a sad comment on where we already were, at the moment Trump rode down the golden escalator; the man (fraud, huckster, con-man, etc.) met the moment. The sadder, tragic truth is that trumpism will survive him--it already has.

Boyd Cothran

Despite four years of shambolic buffoonery the election was surprisingly close.

What if he COULD'VE made the trains run on time? Our next demagogue might not be so accommodating.

Opinions Matter

Thank you Jon for writing a non biased report! This is what we need. Its okay if you dont agree with other people. We are all going to have our own opinions and thoughts of what is going on in this nation. I dont have to think like everyone else. I live in a free country! I will stand up for MY freedom and rights!


To reply to your comment I believe this quote sums up what is to prevalent in our current culture

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”


It's pretty clear that Mr. Trump lost this election fair and square...meaning that not enough states voted for him. If you live in this state, you know that it's probably going to mostly vote Dem -- no surprises there. Four years ago Trump won, and I don't recall any mass hysteria claiming cheating, fraud or anything else illegal. Denial always comes before acceptance.

If it make you feel better to waste your time waving signs, have at it. There will probably be a new conspiracy theory designed to push your buttons almost daily -- it's up to the person you see in the mirror to determine who gets fooled by it.


You can lead people to knowledge, but you can't make them think.


Twenty three new cases of Covid-19 yesterday in Douglas County. And in the picture of the protesters there is not a single mask.

It is clear that these people do not care enough about their families, their friends, or their community to do something as simple as wearing a mask.

Really pathetic.

Opinions Matter

If we did mass testing for herpes virus, there would be an absolute outbreak in herpes.

Also, if you read the boxes of the one time use masks, it will state it doesn't stop the coronavirus. Even Dr Fauci has said that. I care about my family and friends very much and you need to turn off the media. If this virus is so huge, why haven't we all got it yet?


Can you point out the 10 people in Douglas County who died of herpes this year? Or the nearly quarter million who died of herpes nationally in the past 7 months?

Opinions really do matter, and so do facts. Unfortunately, Opinions, you have received info from outdated or inaccurate sources. Please read this more up-to-date info.

Last April, experts asked people not to wear masks because there was a shortage for the use of medical personnel. As of October 29, 2020, this was the recommendation of the CDC.

"CDC recommends that people wear masks in public settings, like on public and mass transportation, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people.


Wear masks with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19

Wear the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin

Masks should be worn by people two years and older

Masks should NOT be worn by children younger than two, people who have trouble breathing, or people who cannot remove the mask without assistance

Do NOT wear masks intended for healthcare workers, for example, N95 respirators

CDC does not recommend the use of face shields alone. Evaluation of face shields is ongoing but effectiveness is unknown at this time.

Evaluation of mask and gaiter materials and structure is ongoing."

The video circulating on social media of Dr. Fauci saying people didn't need to wear masks was made on March 8, when health officials were begging people not to panic buy masks because at that time, medical people did not have enough PPE.

As late as Sept 15, Dr. Fauci was reluctant to recommend a national mask mandate. By late October, he was saying: ""Well, if people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it."

This is an August report from the Cleveland Clinic describing how masks reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Happy reading!

Opinions Matter

Hi, I will read what your article says.

Let me just ask you a question.. Do you feel safe with your mask on? Do you feel when the government tells us that we all need a coronavirus vaccine, that we should all be forced to get one?

One more thing.. Why did the CDC stop taking in data from people with the flu? Last I read the flu had a slightly higher margin of deaths then covid, but since they lumped it into one, they stopped taking data on it. This virus has a 99.8% percent survival rate. Like the flu, in the past, it could be deadly to people with underlying conditions. Do you feel that it is necessary and mandatory to wear face masks during flu season?


So far, the survival rate in Douglas County is 97.2% that we know of. That doesn't include the nearly 100 county residents who died in excess of the 5-year average who were never tested to determine if they died of coronavirus because the tests were saved for emergency responders and medical workers.

In the U.S., 2.4% of the people diagnosed with coronavirus died. That's 97.6% survival, NOT 99.8%. The difference is 222,000 deaths. If you are going to argue deaths are insignificant, you should at least attempt to have your facts straight.


Opinions, thank you for being receptive to reading new and different information.

In answer to your questions, yes, I do feel safe wearing a mask. I don't enjoy it, but it's a small inconvenience seeing that I have two family members in my household who have high risk underlying disorders that could prove deadly if I brought covid home with me.

To my knowledge, the CDC has not stopped taking flu data. I didn't understand what you meant about it being lumped into one. Do you mean flu and covid or something different?

The CDC uses a mathematical model to estimate the number of flu cases per year and the effectiveness of the vaccines, as well as the burden of hospitalizations and deaths. This is not a new process, although they probably refine the math regularly. They use a mathematical model instead of an actual case count because most people with the flu do not seek medical attention, there are effective vaccines and there are some anti-viral treatments that work. This is how the CDC estimates flu:

In a really bad flu year, about 35,000 people in the USA might die. So far, nearly 240,000 people in the USA have have died since March of covid. Covid has a much higher death and disability rate than the flu (except for the Spanish Flu of 1918.)

Most people recover from flu within 2 weeks. They may drag for a couple more weeks, but it does not lead to permanent disability. Studies are showing that even young healthy people who did not get seriously ill are suffering long-term after-effects from covid, including heart inflammation, lung damage, kidney failure, frontal lobe brain dysfunction and something that looks similar to chronic fatigue syndrome.

I get a flu shot every year. In younger years, sometimes I'd get a flu shot and sometimes I'd skip it. I wouldn't make a special trip just to get a flu shot. For me, that changed in 2008, after I got Swine Flu that turned into pneumonia. There was no Swine Flu vaccine then. Swine flu was a novel virus, just like covid, and we didn't have immunity to it. We don't have immunity to covid because this particular coronavirus is new to our bodies.

If flu vaccine was not available on a wide basis, I probably would wear a mask during flu season. In fact, I'm sure I would. I can't even begin to tell you how sick I was from Swine flu. I have not had the flu since I started getting annual flu shots. But, yeah, I would wear a mask. If you'd asked me that question 15 years ago, my answer would have been different. I try to update my knowledge, understanding and behaviors based on new experience and info as it comes in.

I have mixed feelings about mandating that everyone get vaccinated. I'm glad that I've never had to worry about polio, tetanus, smallpox, etc. My parents made those decisions for me.

I personally will take a covid vaccine once they've been thoroughly tested and found safe. I'd like other people to do the same thing. But I wouldn't be willing to hold anyone down while they got the shot. There's still so much we don't know about covid. Will it mutate into milder strains like the 1918 flu did? Will it mutate into something worse? Will it go away or will covid shots have to be reformulated every years like flu vaccine.

I don't have enough info yet to make a firm statement on the subject.


If this attitude to not wear masks affected only the trumpsters then I might think, okay...Darwin. And there will be fewer of them around to vote next time. But it doesn't work that way. Their carelessness affects all of us.


Jon, your headline writer let you down. There is an extra word in the headline: "for" should not be there. The claims of significant fraud have been thoroughly debunked. The late counting of votes is largely due to Republican legislatures that designed the systems to be slow (often over the objections of elections officials.

The revanchists are simply silly.

Here is Maureen Dowd:

We expected more of Donald Trump.

An epic, Jack Nicholson-in-the-Overlook-Hotel meltdown, not just Rose Garden-variety mewling. A conspiracy with grandiosity, not merely pathetic blathering about pointless lawsuits from his entitled children and oddballs Rudy Giuliani and Richard Grenell.

The president has had all this time to hatch a spidery plot to ruin democracy on the way out the door, and this is the best he can come up with?

The election has been stolen!

What’s your proof?

Because I’m losing.

This, from the man who has been hailed as an evil genius of media manipulation?


And, oh: in the dead-tree version of this article, a protester holds up a sign, "Masks don't work! No medical tyranny!"--so these folks are pro-virus, *and* anti-democracy. Fine people.


An official with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) said Saturday morning there is "no evidence" of voter fraud, instead praising state and local officials and poll workers for running an election during the coronavirus pandemic.

FEC commissioner Ellen Weintraub commented, "Very few substantiated complaints, let me put it that way. There is no evidence of any kind of voter fraud. There is no evidence of illegal votes being cast."

Weintraub pointed to this Saturday morning, arguing that "people throughout the country, nonpartisan election experts," have hailed the election and how it was run. In Pennsylvania, for instance, members of the Republican Party have disagreed with the president's claims.

Jake Corman, the Republican head of Pennsylvania's state senate, told Fox News on Friday that he didn't have evidence of any misdoing. Pat Toomey, a Republican senator from Pennsylvania, said the same day that Trump's claims of widespread election fraud in both his state and the rest of the U.S. "are just not substantiated." "I'm not aware of any significant wrongdoing here," Toomey said. "Look, there are irregularities in every election. They tend to typically be very small and involve just a handful of ballots."


Why isn't anyone protesting voter fraud perpetrated by the U.S. Post Office?

Approximately 40,000 mail-in ballots were delivered by the United States Postal Service after the election on Thursday as it continued court-ordered sweeps of postal centers across the country. About 150,000 ballots were delivered Wednesday following sweeps, according to a lawyer for nonprofit organization Vote Forward.

The Postal Service failed to meet the deadline of court-ordered sweeps that were supposed to be completed by 3 p.m. on Election Day. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said Tuesday that it appeared the Postal Service had failed to comply with his order, adding that the matter would be discussed at a court hearing Wednesday afternoon. Judge Sullivan's order included areas covering Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas. Each of those states, with the exception of Pennsylvania and Texas, require mail ballots to be received by the time polls closed on Election Day, meaning late-arriving ballots would not be counted.

It appears Trump's Postmaster General was successful with making sure a significant number of Biden majority mail-in ballots were prevented from reaching their destination in time for those votes to be counted.


U.S. Postal Service admitted in court Wednesday approximately 300,000 ballots were not delivered to local election official offices in time for the election after not being properly traced. The 300,000 ballots were scanned into the system but were lacking an exit scan. A judge’s order was meant to collect any straggling ballots and get them out of USPS custody by the close of business on Election Day.

Has anyone checked the trash at Roseburg’s post office?


In a close election like 2000 a failure of the USPS to deliver legal ballots in a timely manner from one area of Miami (which went heavily for Gore that year) could easily have changed the outcome of that election.

The malfeasance of the USPS this year had no impact on the outcome of the election. Nevertheless the fact that the Postmaster General tried to delay legal votes from being delivered (and refused to obey court orders to sweep post offices) needs to be investigated, and remedies need to be put in place so it does not happen again.


Agreed. Just being a devil's advocate and trying to show there is usually two sides to every story.




One of the benefits and rights of living in the U.S. is our ability to protest....peacefully. I commend people for demonstrating their civic responsibility even if I may not necessarily agree with their opinions. It's what truly makes America great.



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