A man was transported by ambulance away from the scene of a single-vehicle accident in downtown Roseburg on Friday after his sedan crashed into the side of the former Roseburg Beauty College building.

Emergency personnel responded to the accident, located near the corner of Northeast Stephens Street and Southeast Cass Avenue, at around 1 p.m. Friday. The car sat horizontal to the side of the building and had severe damage on the front end of the driver’s side.

A parking meter on the left side of the northbound one-way street was severely bent.

Vehicles driving toward the accident were funneled into a single lane to avoid the accident. Close to two dozen onlookers watched emergency workers on site, with some onlookers taking photos and video with their phones at the scene.

The property, located at 700 S.E. Stephens St., previously housed the Roseburg Beauty College. The school graduated its final class in April 2018 and was purchased this past year by Trella Vinyards, which plans to develop the building in the future.

The man, who has not been identified, was transported by ambulance away from the scene.

The Roseburg Fire Department and the Roseburg Police Department responded to the accident, which remains under investigation.

An email and phone call to the Roseburg Police Department seeking more information was not immediately returned.

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"The car sat horizontal to the side of the building..." -- Vehicles generally sit horizontal to the surface of the Earth. Perhaps "perpendicular" is what you were hoping to convey?

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