The Roseburg VA Medical Center will close its medical unit this month. In its place, the hospital will add beds for hospice patients.

Roseburg VA spokesperson Traci Palmer said the shift is due to an increased demand for hospice care in an aging veteran population.

“Our Veterans continue to express a great desire to use the VA first and to the greatest extent possible. Hospice care co-located with the Medical Center allows for ease of care for our hospice patients,” Palmer said in an email Friday.

She said the conversion reaffirms the VA’s “dedication to serving our Veteran community.”

Currently, the VA has four hospice beds. By June, it will increase that to 10 and open four in its transitional care unit within its Community Living Center on the VA campus.

It’s the latest shift in the ongoing evolution of the care the VA provides. In 2019, the VA closed its emergency department and replaced it with an urgent care.

After the switch to urgent care, patients who needed an inpatient stay for acute medical conditions continued to receive care in the medical unit on the fifth floor of VA Building 1.

But now that too is about to end.

The last day of admission to the medical unit was May 14, and the last day for patients to remain on the fifth floor will be May 31.

“This timeline allows for admitted Veterans to be appropriately treated and discharged safely,” Palmer said.

The urgent care remains available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Veterans with medical emergencies are being asked to go to their local emergency room for emergencies.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(7) comments


Hospice unit closing on the 5th floor, just like the medical unit, the Director likes to misdirect the public. The hospice unit will be moved to the CLC building and that unit will have its capacity cut in half to make room for 6 hospice beds and no transition beds will be available. The reason, he feels the building is unsafe for patience, however it will be fine for offices and all of the clinics. apparently it will only collapse after 430pm. hmmm

so the math. 5th floor medical 11 beds now =0 . Hospice beds 10 now will =6. CLC (physical therapy/rehab) 30 beds now will =9 . Thank you director, you have shown the Vets how much you care


"Under the VA Mission Act signed into law last year(2018), the president is authorized to appoint an Asset and Infrastructure Review Commission for the department in 2022." This review commission's job is to close VA facilities. This is happening next year. Please contact your local congressman and let them know you don't want Roseburg Health Care System to be closed. Many services have quietly been shifted to the private sector over the last 6 years. To include ICU, Emergency Room, most surgical services, Inpatient Medical/Surgical Unit. Acute Psychiatric beds decreased, Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment beds decreased, Memory Care beds Decreased. I am a former Army Medic and am shocked how so much medical services for veterans, with little or no community feedback, have been eliminated. If you care for the veterans in your community, notify your congressman to stop the fleecing of Medical Care for our Veterans.

Marine Vet

I used the VA's On Line system to "try " & get my Covid=19 vaccination. That was 3 months ago & several try's. NOTHING has Ever been heard from them. I applied on line for the J & J only to have that 1 pulled the day of the shot. Went back on line again & got registered for a vaccine Moderna. 2ns shot now done. This VA here & Ive been in the VA System for over 25 years & Coast to Coast is hands down the ABSOLUTE WORST When it come's to treating Veterans. I have watched in HORROR as a Tech picked up cotton balls which had fallen to the floor while refilling container Picked Up of the Floor & Deposited in the container. I Reported this to the Dr at my Appt. They did NOTHING but walk me to the PA's door Who Ive Never seen at work 1 time in over 6 years.? And told me to leave a message on their door.? I can go on about Changing my Dr 4 Times in as many months to Forcibly wean me off a Pain Meds which in over 20 years of taking never had any issues at all with. The Great Opiod Scare. And Never 1 time did ANY of Said Dr's or Nurses Offer Any Type of Alternatives. The Entire VA here Needs to be Over hauled. Staff Included.


The veterans are the next to be defunded. This is just the start. Department of Defense will be on that train before long. Beware!


No One. I repeat. NO ONE wants to de-fund the veterans.


Someone might inform the Director of the Roseburg VA


The former Republican Trump Administration quietly passed legislation that pushed the VA Directors to downsize VA Hospital programs. Republicans have advocated to privatize the VA system. Quietly chipping away at services.

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