Cremains of military veterans who served over the past century had been left unclaimed at Wilson’s Chapel of the Roses in Roseburg. The following is a list of each veteran with information about each one.

John Allread, Navy, WWII, died May 15, 1985, aged 62.

Thomas Allsbrook, Army, WWII, died Oct. 27, 1975, aged 60.

Ulysses Brown, Air Force, Korean War, died Nov. 15, 2000, aged 71.

Frank Clark, Army, Korean War, died Dec. 22, 1986, aged 61.

Robert Connolly, Army. Korean War, Died March 14, 1984, aged 53.

Harley Dean, Army, WWI and WWII, died Nov. 15, 1983, aged 83.

James Eades, Navy, WWII, death date unknown, age unknown.

Earl Gilday, Army, WWII, died March 3, 1988, aged 64.

Adam Heussner, Navy, WWI, died March 8, 1975, aged 76.

Joseph Houston, Army, WWII, died Oct. 10, 1987, aged 74.

Joseph Jacobs, Air Force, Korean War, died Oct. 27, 1994, aged 65.

Charles Johnson, Air Force, Vietnam War, died Sept. 9, 1999, aged 53.

Raymond Lomas, Navy, WWII, died Oct. 21, 1984, aged 70.

Paul Loyd, Army, WWII, died March 10, 1982, aged 68.

Archie Miller, Army, WWI, died July 31, 1975, aged 82.

Claude Mott, Army, WWII, died Oct. 29, 1984, aged 77.

Darold Munion, Army, Korea, died Aug. 18, 1989, aged 58.

Robert Pendergast, Navy, WWII, died July 24, 1978, aged 52.

Laurance Peterson, Navy, WWII, died Dec. 25, 1982, aged 65.

Chester Pettit, Army, WWII, died June 23, 1980, aged 67.

Leonard Rhodes, Air Force, Korean War, died Aug. 17, 1997, aged 71.

William Roughcore, Army, WWI, died Apr. 5, 1982, aged 86.

William Taylor, Army, WWII, died Oct. 12, 1998, aged 71.

George Teply, Navy, WWII, died Feb. 13, 1979, aged 67.

Arthur Tranberg, Army, WWII, died Oct. 30, 1983, aged 68.

Louis Wiegert, Navy, WWII, died May 7, 1987, aged 64.

Albert Withers, Navy, WWII, died July 21, 1987, aged 80.

Robert Young, Navy, died July 4, 1982, aged 52.

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