Betty Marie Griffiths (Lewis), born June 11, 1938, left her family and friends on Sept. 14, 2021. Betty was a vibrant and vivacious woman. She attended Glide School District from first grade though Senior High School. As an elementary school student, she learned to read, and this set off a lifelong love of reading. In high school she was active in sports as a volleyball player, and a member of the cheerleading squad, and drama club. Betty was well liked by staff and fellow students. She met her husband to be (Robert G. Griffiths) during her high school years. They were married Dec.15, 1955. They went on to have two children, Robert D. Griffiths and Ellen Marie Randall (Griffiths), all of whom survive her. She is also survived by her sister, Arlene Quimby (Lewis), and many nieces and nephews.

Betty mad a wonderful and warm home for her family and friends. She enjoyed being a "room mom" during her children's elementary school years, and supported all activities they participated in throughout their school years. In later years she welcomed two granddaughters, who she doted on. Two granddaughters then became four great-grandchildren. She always said she should have had grandchildren first, they were the best; that changed after the addition of four great-grandchildren, they were the best!

Her home was always warm and welcoming for the family, friends and visitors. There was always dinner on the table and generally a pie on the counter. Many people have come and gone through the Griffiths household, all of whom enjoyed their stay and always wanted to come back, especially for the pie. She worked hard to make everyone feel welcome in her home. May she REST in peace.

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