Donald "Don" Bennett Major left us most suddenly on July 13, 2021, at his home in Lookingglass, Oregon, his valley serene. Don was born March 9, 1962, to his parents, Donald and Marlene Major. In December of 1990 he was blessed with Marianne Major to call his mom as well. He was the youngest of three children. He grew up with his sister, Leslie Major and brother Doug Major right here in Douglas County, Oregon. In 1983, he laid eyes on the most beautiful blue-eyed woman he had ever seen and knew immediately he had met the absolute and unmatched love of his life, Jody Ann. They married on December 30, 1988, and he shared his unique passion for life with her for over 32 years. He became an instant dad to Jody's two children. A son, Jack Essary, and a daughter, Jessie Essary-Allen. He and Jody went on to bring two daughters into their beautiful world, Ashley Major-Lockwood and Lacey Major-Coello. His children were truly the light in his eyes every day, and he never let them go anywhere without knowing that. Don is adored by and lovingly known as Papa to six grandchildren; Brendan Allen, Jayson Lockwood, Emerald Lockwood, Delilah Coello, Amelia Coello and Ezra Coello. Over the years, Don gave others a peek into his world through his writing. A true master of words, a bona fide phrase weaver, he had a gift for touching hearts and leaving his mark everywhere he went with his unique outlooks and insights to life around him. After his own battles and victories with his darkness, Don also had a calling to help others. He frequented A.A. meetings, and would open his heart to anyone that he knew needed an encouraging word to break through their roadblocks and see the amazing life of sobriety like he was able to do. He also gave his time to Meals on Wheels, making lasting connections with those that he met on his route and often delivering care packages to people living on the streets. He filled his days with his family all around him, planting his "made in the shade" gardens for he and his wife, watching his wide-eyed grandchildren as they played and grew, enjoying the "chimes" of his families laughter, all while listening to music like he was playing a soundtrack of the day. He wanted nothing more than to spread the beauty in life, which was more than apparent in his relationship with his family. We will be having a celebration of Don Major's life on Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 11 a.m. at Iverson Memorial County Park, located on Coos Bay Wagon Rd. in Tenmile, Oregon. Please call Jody Major at 541-643-6571 to let us know if you will attend.

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