One year ago, on November 13, 2020, we said goodbye to our much-loved father and grandfather, Don Crockett. In his 84 years with us, Don was the quintessential renaissance man as a teacher of martial arts, military conditioning, photography, and writing. It was in writing that he found his true passion, going on to publish eight novels including the popular Diana and Oh God It’s Wine series, as well as numerous short stories and children’s books. Don did intensive research into the self-publishing industry to publish his own books and would later go on to give numerous seminars and interviews on both writing and publishing. It was not uncommon to see him in his favorite local restaurants chatting with his neighbors about his latest project and handing out bookmarks of his published works. Nothing brought a smile to his face faster than to hear someone had found enjoyment in reading one of his books.

A proud Navy veteran, those that had the pleasure to know Don knew him to be a boisterous and funny man always ready with a “sea story”. He had a curious mind and a never-ending sense of adventure. There was never a time when he wasn’t researching a new topic for his writing, working on his fishing boat, or planning his next adventure. He was a man who enjoyed people and people enjoyed him.

Dad once wrote, “The book will not be completed until the last page of the last hour and the last second has been lived to the fullest”. He not only did that but inspired each of us to chase our dreams and to live a life that would make us happy. This past year without his booming laughter, imagination, and words of love have only further shown us how lucky we were to have had him in our life for the time we did. We take comfort in knowing he is reunited with those he so dearly loved who went before him. We know that when we are reunited again, we will find him at the largest table in the place where the drinks will be flowing, the laughter will be loud, and the stories will be plentiful. We love and miss you Dad, today and always.

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