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Obituaries and death notices of the following individuals were published the past week in The News-Review. Names are followed by date of death.

Obituaries are also available on The News-Review website at

Yegge, Frank John 11/21/21

Drake, Richard 11/6/21

Nelson, Jackie 11/30/21

Heimbuck, Muriel 12/5/21

Walker, Ray Vincent 12/10/21

Cooper, David R. 12/17/21

Dargen, Eileen Mary 12/15/21

Stinson, Edward 12/16/21

Williams, Larry 12/20/21

Malolepsy, Alice 12/27/21

Morton, Sharlee 12/28/21

Richmond, Lola Jean

Schuldt, Kenneth Richard “Rick” 12/28/21

Griffith, Gary H. 12/30/21

Gilbreath, Ronald E. 12/31/21

Stevenson, Marla Kay 12/31/21

Alexander, Kenneth Warren 1/1/22

Coe, Susan 1/1/22

Mattern, Robert James 1/2/22

Whiteley, Eugene 1/2/22

Kennerly, Gary Norman 1/3/22

Lapp, Madaline 1/3/22

Urbaniak, John 1/3/22

Weekly, Lorette Alice 1/3/22

Browe, Alphies 1/4/21

Gegory Jr., Kenneth William 1/4/22

Fields, Shane Harley 1/5/22

Orr, Kimberly Diane 1/5/22

DeFea, Maxine 1/6/22

Thacker, Randy L. 1/6/22

Burchell, Richard 1/7/22

Larsen, Rodney 1/8/22

Goodson, Gene 1/9/22

Neuschwanger, Robert Ray 1/9/22

Ballard, Joyce Mary 1/10/22

Howell, Kenneth 1/10/22

Dunn, Rosalie “Rose” 1/11/22

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