Toby Schofield, our beloved and cherished husband, father, and grandpa, passed away peacefully on Nov. 5, 2021.

Toby was born on March 16, 1960. He often shared fond memories growing up on the family farm. He milked the cows, chopped firewood and helped care for the garden. If he wanted to go swimming in the river, he had to pick a bucket of blackberries first. After much persistence, his dad finally agreed to let him get a horse, and he spent many hours on Trixie, wandering the hills that was his backyard. These early years helped form his outlook of finding pleasure in the simple things in life.

He attended schools in Riddle, Oregon, where he met his wife, Darla. They were blessed to have a long life of love and friendship together. Family was important to him and he loved his daughters and their families deeply. He modeled lifestyle values for them of respect for others, value of an education, hard work and practice, and don’t forget to check your oil! Toby was an avid sports fan of most any kind, but especially enjoyed following his daughters’ games, catching for them as they practiced, and eventually his grandkids too.

After graduating from high school on a Friday, he began working on a Monday in what would be a lifetime career of logging for Huffman-Wright. Many years were boots on the ground jobs starting as a choker setter and hook tender, then shovel operator, and finally a foreman. His experience was his education and he especially thrived on the challenge of tower logging, designing complex rigging systems over deep canyons. A 40-hour week didn’t apply, rather there’s a job to do and go hard to get it done. That could mean blading snow in the dark before trucks arrive, staying late to finish a road change, and everything in between. If you went on a drive with him in any direction, he would point out the vast amount of jobs he worked on. He described his outdoor work setting as a way to see God every morning as the sun rises up on top of a mountain ridge.

In his last year, he faced cancer head-on, bravely enduring, rarely complaining, while maintaining his quick wit and matter-of-fact approach he was known for. He would always say, “We’ll be alright.”

Toby is survived by his wife Darla; daughters Geneva (Scott) and grandchildren Jadyn, Jace, and Syler, Leah and granddaughter Acacia, and Renae (Blake) and grandchildren Rosalie and Ryder. Sisters Donna (Curt) and Tammi (Toby); sisters-in-law Roxanne, Shannon, and Beverly; brothers Mike (Freeda), Dennis (Joan) and Joe (Marilyn); and many nieces and nephews. He is preceded in death by his parents, Basil and Elsie, brother Patrick, sister Mona, and sister-in-law Robin (Am).

A public celebration of Toby’s life will be held on Sunday, Nov. 14 at 11 a.m., at the Winston Community Center, located at 440 SE Grape Ave., in Winston, Oregon. Please bring your memories and stories to share. Private family interment services to follow.

Toby was an advocate for the lives of unborn children. In lieu of flowers or for those who desire, suggested donations are to Hope Clinic for women or Safe Haven maternity home, both in Roseburg, Oregon.

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