Bob Dannenhoffer

We have seen a terribly disturbing increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the past week, with over 115 new cases in the last three days alone. We have also seen three deaths, 687 total contacts in isolation or quarantine, and we currently have 12 residents hospitalized. This surge in local cases comes at a time when cases in much of the rest of the country are declining. As you know, Douglas County has been in the state-mandated “HIGH” risk level for about six weeks now, and that has allowed restaurants, bars and gyms to open to in-person services. It has also given local elected school boards the confidence to re-open schools and resume sports practices. With the increase in accessibility and services, as I move about the county, I have seen more gatherings and some unfortunate laxity with physical distancing and the use of face masks. While the source of the new cases and clusters in the last week is nothing new, and very similar to what we’ve seen in the past, we have just seen a lot more of them, affecting a larger number of residents.

Our biggest outbreak is at a skilled nursing facility in Roseburg. In less than a week, they went from one positive case on Feb. 5 to over 33 positive cases as of yesterday, Feb. 11. At the current time, there have been no hospitalizations or deaths associated with this outbreak, although it is too early to tell. We would like to point out that the facility is cooperating with the Douglas Public Health Network and Oregon Health Authority to do everything they can to help prevent further spread of the virus by performing frequent screenings, identifying cases in the pre-symptomatic period and doing a good job of quarantining patients and staff. The only bright side is that staff and residents that chose to get the COVID-19 vaccine were almost all protected from contracting the virus. Unfortunately, that means that almost all of the cases are among unvaccinated patients and staff, that while eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine in the first phase of vaccine distribution for front line health care workers (since December 2020), have not got vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. In a recent survey by AARP, which surveyed roughly 90% of facilities in the United States that are participating in the federal vaccination program that have received COVID-19 vaccines since Dec. 15, but found that only a median of 37.5% of nursing home workers had opted to receive the vaccine. While we definitely cannot force anyone to get the vaccine, we can urge those that are eligible, especially those that work closely with others, care for others or work with the public, to seriously consider getting the vaccine if you are eligible. While the closures, distance learning, masking, hand washing and six-foot distancing measures do help; the only way we are going to see life return to some normalcy is with residents choosing to get vaccinated. We only have to look at the history of pandemics and disease to see that vaccines have had a huge impact on the future transmission of diseases.

The COVID-19 vaccine was offered to staff and patients at this facility. Those who were vaccinated had over 90% protection and almost all of the cases among staff were from those who were not vaccinated. This is proof that the vaccine works. If you are a front line caregiver and are eligible for the vaccine, please get it!

As far as community spread, we are seeing an increase in the number of school cases, more local church clusters, more cases associated with parties, gatherings and celebrations, cases related to travel and visitors and a few workplace outbreaks, all related to people who are congregating without six-foot social distancing and not using face coverings. As a reminder, our state-mandated risk level does not affect the ability of faith-based organizations and local school districts to offer in-person services and classes. Churches are able to make decisions for their own congregations. And, locally elected school boards are able to make independent decisions for their educational programs.

Since the first of the year, we have seen 19 K-12 schools and two daycares with positive cases. Forty-four percent of our current outbreaks are associated with the nineteen local schools in all parts of the county. In almost all of the cases, the disease is brought from the outside to school by students or staff. We have also seen spread among sports team members, but no obvious spread between students and teachers or among students in the classroom. As educators, students and staff may have lots of contacts at school, we are currently quarantining over 300 students and staff. So although schools usually only have one to three positive cases and 30-100 contacts, the sheer number of people and communities that each of these school outbreaks effects is significant.

We have seen a few workplace outbreaks. These are reported each Wednesday by the OHA and expect more of our recent cases to be published next week. Most of the spread in workplaces seems to occur among staff during close, unprotected contact during breaks and lunch periods or in after-work activities. Additionally, many young people work multiple jobs and have spouses who work, so workplace outbreaks spread quickly and can affect multiple businesses all at once. We do want to point out that we have not had any large outbreaks related to the gyms, restaurants or bars that have re-opened over the past six weeks, while we are in our current state-mandated risk level. The large church outbreaks from the holiday period have quieted, but we are seeing another surge in church case clusters happening. We continue to see cases related to parties and gatherings, as well as cases associated with travel to and from COVID-19 hot spots.

There are some things we do not know. We do not know if variants of the Sar-CoV2 are associated with these outbreaks. We have sent samples for genomic analysis, but the results take time. Also, we do not know how these cases will affect our county risk level, as we are only a few days in this measurement period. But, if we keep on the current trend with case numbers and outbreaks, we will definitely see movement to the state’s “Extreme” risk level.

However, these things we do know:

  • COVID-19 is still very much with us.
  • Vaccines do work, as is obvious from our nursing home outbreak. Those eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, especially nursing home workers and residents, should get the vaccine.
  • Public health measures do work. We encourage everyone to increase their vigilance to these measures, such as distancing, wearing masks and staying home when you are sick!

Bob Dannenhoffer is the Douglas County Public Health Officer and gives regular updates on the coronavirus pandemic via Facebook Live.

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Annie, if you've read Mike's replies to you then you know he has no intention of having a civil conversation on the subject. He appears to think you're Dr. Dannenhoffer, posing as someone named Annie.

But I am sure that other readers, including myself, would like to hear about the vaccine roll-out in Douglas County-- the problems, the successes, the woes. For example, why does it appear that Douglas County got short shrift and other counties got more? I think I know the answer -- it has to do with hot spots, the size of vaccine lots delivered to counties, urban areas with a high case rate vs. rural areas with much lower case rates, etc. I've gleaned that from many sources. I do NOT believe the answer has anything to do with Salem punishing us or a conspiracy by the county commissioners or incompetence by DPHN.

Why do local numbers and the state dashboards not match? Are the state dashboards on vaccine providing accurate real-time info?

So far, most of the information on the subject has been coming from Mike. In my opinion, this info has not been accurate, In the past, he has accurately reported tests, cases, deaths, ICU beds used and beds available, not only for Douglas County but for the surrounding area. He also provided details and facts about the anti-mask and anti-covid restriction activities of some of our commissioners and state senator. He provided apt criticism. He was reliable.

When it comes to the vaccine roll-out, he has depended on the state dashboards. IMO, that is why his info is no longer accurate and his opinions are skewed. I do not believe the state dashboard on vaccine can be relied upon to be accurate in real time.

OregonLive and other news outlets have reported since January that the state vaccine reporting system has been riddled with errors and technical difficulties. It's been called a mess. I do not find this hard to believe. For example, it was reported locally that Aviva provided 800 vaccines at a mass fairgrounds event, but the state dashboard reported only 600+ vaccines that day. Mike and other readers believe that is evidence that Aviva, Dr. D, DPHN and the county commissioners are lying about it in a massive cover-up of some sort. To me, there is no evidence that the state dashboard can be relied upon to be 100% accurate. It will probably catch up in time, but not in real-time.

There is refusal to accept that the VA marches to it's own drum and does not answer to local officials for how they administer and report their vaccine use.

There is refusal to accept that there is a lag time of three+ days between administering and reporting vaccine use to the state and that technical glitches happen without dishonesty being involved.

There seems to be a belief that DPHN should be telling Mercy and the VA how to administer the vaccine they have received and if it's not happening fast enough, it's DPHN's fault. There also seems to be the belief that Dr. D and DPHN should be or are personally administering all the vaccine they receive, rather than coordinating with the 43 vaccinators all over the county and then delivering the vaccine to them so that they can administer to their patients and then report to the state.

There seems to be a belief that if the state dashboards numbers on how much vaccine was sent vs how much was administered don't add up, then there must be a secret stash of vaccine "collecting dust on the shelf." This secret stash should be administered immediately on the day it is received and the only accurate source on the dust collection is the state dashboards.

There seems to be a belief that Douglas County SHOULD have received more vaccine, therefore, they must have received it and lied about it. There seems to be a belief that an outbreak at a care facility could have been prevented if DPHN had administered its secret vaccine stash and lives would be saved. There is a refusal to accept the fact that most of the 33+ cases were in staff and residents who refused the vaccine. Most heinous of all, there seems to be a belief that DPHN is responsible for killing people by withholding vaccine.

This is where my main worry comes in. Mike has been pounding the idea for months that Dr. D and DPHN are somewhere between incompetent and corrupt. This is based, IMO, entirely upon faulty interpretation of data, lack of understanding, and dependence on only a few sources of information. Because he is choosing to believe the state dashboard is the only accurate source of information and that they operate in real time, his numbers and the conclusions he reaches from looking at those numbers are now wrong. He repeats his faulty numbers and skewed opinions many times a day in an effort to foster mistrust in DPHN and Dr. Dannenhoffer.

If the public does not trust public health, it makes it much harder to get the public to cooperate. Mike's rampage is based on his false belief that DPHN, as a whole and Dr. D as a person, are flunkies for the commissioners and their anti-covid beliefs and actions. He has a legit score to settle with the commissioners, but it doesn't have anything to do with DPHN. He seems to really sincerely believe that Tim Freeman and Chris Boice are running the day to day public health show in Douglas County, with Dr. D. as their henchman. I think Tim has gone out of his way to be helpful. I don't know what Chris or Tom have done.

Full disclosure: Anyone who has read my posts knows I do not support our commissioners for various reasons. I understand that DPHN is not a county department, but that the county is the local health authority, as designated by state law. Funding is funneled through the local authority to DPHN. That doesn't mean the county commissioners run DPHN.

Over the months, Mike has been provided with information and links that demonstrate that his beliefs about how things work are incomplete at best. It has made no difference. Disagreement with his point of view brings on louder, harsher accusations from him and personal attacks against the person who disagrees.

IMO, Mike has been a valuable source of info in the past. Some readers see him as merely demanding more transparency. But in the present he has gone beyond the pale and is choosing to use only the info sources that make things look the very worst. He has stopped being transparent himself. This is, in effect, poisoning the community well of trust in public health with inaccuracies, insults, accusations and that list of his of statements taken out of context going back to last March. That is deeply ... fill in the word of your choice.

My suggestion to you, Annie, is that you and/or others work with the reporters from the News-Review to provide the readership with an accurate picture of the vaccine roll-out. Answer questions about why local figures and the state dashboard don't match. Provide accurate info. The reporters here have done high-quality work. To me, this is vital story to be told because the undermining of trust in public health will hurt us all if it is not corrected. Thank you.


The Oregon Health Authority is the ONLY entity providing information on the number of vaccinations in Douglas County. Most other Oregon counties provide daily updates and running tallies of vaccinations on their websites that match closely with the numbers reported by the Oregon Health Authority. NOT Douglas County.

Let’s look at facts. OHA reported most Oregon counties received their first vaccine deliveries on December 16. Mercy Medical center received 795 doses that day and Roseburg VA hospital received 800 doses on December 21. At that point, the OHA stopped reporting vaccine deliveries to individual counties.

For nearly a month after receiving 1,590 vaccine doses, Douglas County Public Health Network daily press releases told people who had questions about the vaccine in bold print "WE ASK THAT YOU NOT CALL US." Most other county public health agencies began connecting eligible residents with vaccinators almost immediately in December. NOT Douglas County. It wasn’t until January 13 that DPHN provided an email in their daily press release for people who had questions about vaccinations. It wasn’t until January 19 before DPHN asked eligible people to contact DPHN to be vaccinated. It took DPHN 35 days to accept their vaccination responsibilities after the first vaccine deliveries arrived. Nine Douglas County residents died during those first 35 days.

On January 12, DPHN began reporting the number of vaccine doses received (not vaccinations) from the Oregon Health Authority. DPHN suddenly stopped reporting those numbers on February 10. Most other county public health agencies report the number of residents vaccinated daily which matches closely with Oregon Health Authority numbers. Some counties point their residents to the OHA Vaccination Trend website for vaccinations in their county. Apparently they have confidence in OHA numbers. NOT Douglas County. Not MWorden.

I’m a believer in data, and right now the only one providing data is the Oregon Health Authority. And the data OHA is providing makes Douglas County look bad, realllllllllly bad. I am also a believer that if Douglas County was at the top of the list for vaccinating their residents we would be reading about it in EVERY daily press release. Our County Commissioners and Dr. Dannenhoffer have not been shy about patting their selves on their collective backsides and giving their selves Medals of Honor to display to the county what wonderful leaders they are. Yet, we hear nothing from our county leaders about vaccinations. What little we do hear doesn't match up with OHA data.

The FACT Douglas County and DPHN has provided no vaccination data is telling. The FACT our verbose County Commissioners haven’t been congratulating their selves on how well Douglas County vaccinations are going, is telling. Exactly what it is telling everyone is the Oregon Health Authority vaccination data is accurate and Dr. Dannenhoffer and our County Commissioners don’t want to talk about it. They not only don’t want to talk about it, when pressed on county vaccination status, they choose to mislead people from the truth.

MWorden, in the past you’ve professed your friendship and high regard for Dr. Dannenhoffer. You’ve defended him almost every time I’ve questioned Dr. Dannenhoffer’s misleading comments. VP Mike Pence did the same for President Trump and that almost got him killed.


I've never met Dr. Dannenhoffer. We are not friends. I know him only through the public work he has done in the community. I have a high regard for his public service.

You can go ahead and compare me to Mike Pence if you want. You probably figure that I'll find it extra offensive. But when push came to shove, he did the right thing. He broke with Trump and, at great personal risk, knowing he'd become a pariah to the more radical members of his party thus ending his political future, he stood up for democracy and our republic. I didn't think he had it in him, but he did. It's just another example of people being many-layered and more complex than they appear on the surface. So, please, go ahead and call me Mike Pence. I'll call you Judge Jeanine. Or maybe Tucker. Whichever you prefer. I prefer sticking with Mike.

The thing is, Mike, in my opinion, you and I are stronger together. We have different political beliefs. We don't speak with one voice. But when we do speak together we are stronger than our individual voices. I can see us supporting each other and speaking in agreement in the future. Just not now, not on this particular subject.

So, go ahead and call me Mr. Pence if it makes you happy. I will continue to view you as a many-layered, complex individual who will continue to surprise as time goes by, Cheers!


Here you go again. Why do you so often attempt to put words in my mouth I never said? Please point to where I said YOU were Mike Pence. You can't because I never said that...again.

Do I really need to explain to you that because I compared your actions to someone else doesn't mean I am calling you that person's name?

I addressed your argument with one of my own. You responded by claiming I was trying to offend you by calling you names, which I never did. Then you follow up by suggesting different names to call me. For what reason, other than to offend me. Go right ahead if that makes YOU happy.


Silliness prevails. I said you can go ahead and compare me to Mike Pence. Pretty sure I got that you were making a comparison. Pretty sure. Not sure what you're getting. I'm going to bed. Hope you have a good night's rest.


MWorden, do you read what you write? Your direct quote; "call me Mike Pence. I'll call you Judge Jeanine. Or maybe Tucker. Whichever you me Mr. Pence if it makes you happy."


Mike, I am grateful for this rather silly conversation. It makes me understand that you either do not understand the importance of context or you purposely ignore it in order to make your point. I don't know which or why.

The definition of context is the parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede or follow a passage and clarify its meaning. In a larger sense it can be the background information or larger circumstances that inform or explain why something is happening.

I literally said to you: "You can go ahead and compare me to Mike Pence if you want." That provides the context for me saying you can "go ahead and call me Mr. Pence if it makes you happy."

You left out the context in your replies. Your defense was that you did not call me Mike Pence, you compared me to Mike Pence. I was putting words in your mouth etc etc.

Whether you compared me to Mike Pence or call me Mr. Pence in the future is not important. I don't care. It's not important to me.

What is important is that you don't appear to understand the important of context. I've mentioned context several times in relation to your list of statements by Dr. D.

A statement taken out of context may sound horrible, but it has lost it's real meaning. The person who takes statements out of context is the one who is being dishonest. Recently, you have been taking not only words and phrases out of context, but you've also refused to acknowledge the context of how vaccines have been distributed and how the reporting system works. Your data is out of context.

I was baffled. Now I understand, thanks to this little Mike Pence conversation. Context is not important to you.


Context is important to me. So is telling the truth. In your opening comment you claimed to know my intentions and told everyone my interpretation was "faulty...because he is choosing to believe the state dashboard is the only accurate source of information." I concede you may be correct provided there is another source of information that I have missed. Please point me to that source.

That is indeed the crux of this issue. I am opining based on the only source willing to provide information and you choose to dismiss the information as being inaccurate because it doesn't fit your narrative. Again, point me to better information.

Your entire argument has been fallacious with proof that Oregon Health Authority is inaccurate and not "real-time." OHA provides the same vaccination information used by the CDC and almost every county in Oregon. But I guess you know better because you have a source of information that is more accurate. Please enlighten everyone about what the source is.


Still waiting for your secret information sources that refutes the Oregon Health Authority data I cited in my opinions. You claim to have “gleaned that from many sources.” How about naming/citing them. I’m still waiting.

You went to the trouble to write a lengthy opinion piece attacking me for “no intention of having a civil conversation….not been accurate… his info is no longer accurate and his opinions are skewed… the conclusions he reaches from looking at those numbers are now wrong…He repeats his faulty numbers and skewed opinions many times a day in an effort to foster mistrust… Mike's rampage is based on his false belief… his beliefs about how things work are incomplete at best.” All your quotes.

You made it abundantly clear your opinion about what I have wrote. Then you say, “in my opinion, you and I are stronger together… I can see us supporting each other.” What I see is someone who is clearly two-faced and deceitful.


Still waiting for those sources you "gleaned."


Douglas County Public Health Network Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dannenhoffer LIED when he claimed during a February 12 KLCC radio interview that Douglas County wasn’t getting its fair share of vaccine doses and had received only 800 vaccine doses during the previous week. You can listen to his exact words in the audio attached at the below link.

The Oregon Health Authority data for Douglas County indicates Dr. Dannenhoffer is a liar. It may be a little hard to understand, but the below table summarizes OHA data for the last 10 days the number of Pfizer doses administered, the number of Moderna doses administered, the total number of vaccine doses administered for the entire Douglas County, not just from DPHN. The doses administered includes the thousands of other doses delivered to and administered by Roseburg VA, Mercy Medical Center, EMS, Cow Creek Tribe, Pharmacies and local care facilities that received their vaccines directly from the Federal and State Government, not just DPHN.

The DPHN doses of vaccine received are based on our County Commissioners Coronavirus Response Team daily press releases indicating DPHN received 3,900 doses (most likely Moderna) over the past 10 days. As you can see from the data, Dr. Dannenhoffer knew he was lying when he complained on February 12 that Douglas County only received 800 doses of vaccine over the past week. Dr. Dannenhoffer and our County Commissioners are lying about supply, claiming Douglas County is receiving “less than its share” to divert scrutiny away from their dismal failure coordinating Douglas County’s vaccination roll-out.
















I've been blowing the whistle on Dr. Dannenhoffer's untruthful and misleading comments for over ten months. Back before schools shut down because of coronavirus concerns and Dr. Dannenhoffer fought to keep them open. I have an entire file dedicated to Dr. Dannenhoffer’s comments. If you want, I can post all 29 untruthful and misleading comments and the proof they are untruthful and misleading.

I previously described much of what Dr. Dannenhoffer said as being merely untruthful and misleading because I couldn't prove he knew he wasn't telling the truth. That changed with these recent radio interviews. Dr. Dannenhoffer is now a full fledged liar. He said untruthful things knowing fully well they are untruthful.

Dr. Dannenhoffer untruthfully claimed in his radio interview that all of Douglas County received “a pittance” of 800 doses of vaccine last week, knowing full well his own Douglas County Public Health network has received 3,900 doses since February 3. And that doesn’t include the many doses received by hospitals and clinics in Douglas County. He LIED. That makes Dr. Dannenhoffer a liar.

Dr. Dannenhoffer untruthfully claimed in another radio interview that 10% - 11% of Douglas County residents had been vaccinated; knowing fully well only 6.9% of Douglas County residents had been vaccinated according to the Oregon Health Authority numbers published EVERY day. Again, Dr. Dannenhoffer LIED. That makes Dr. Dannenhoffer a liar.

Dr. Dannenhoffer lied to cover up the FACT Douglas County is the WORST county in Oregon for vaccinating its residents. NO county in Oregon has vaccinated a lower percentage of their residents than Douglas County. Dr. Dannenhoffer could address this problem honestly but instead chooses to be a liar and make excuses that are untrue, and he knows it.


Too far, too much, too mean.

Mike, I've supported you in the past. I continued to offer support even when you resorted to personally insulting me for disagreeing. I'm withdrawing that support now.

I believe you make an honorable effort to share data and numbers with the readers here, data that may not be easily accessible to everyone. For that I congratulate you.

But I do not support your conclusions and opinions. Your idée fixe has remained resistant to any attempts to modify it with any information that does not conform with your opinion. Because I've offered you so much support some folks have come to think that we are pals or political allies. I want to disassociate myself from that false impression.

On a prior occasion I read your liar liar pants on fire list. We talked about it, so you know I did not find it convincing. What I did not say is that I found it ridiculous.

I'm saying that now. Do you have any idea how weird it is to keep a list of that kind?

Dr. Dannenhoffer has done a valiant job of addressing covid, flu, wildfire, toxins, smoke and drug overdoses. Has the covid effort been perfect? No. Has it been perfect anywhere in the USA? No. Oregon has remained in the bottom five states during the entire pandemic and Douglas County has fared well in the state. Those are facts. Check the NYTimes.

I support Dr. Dannenhoffer. I do not support your understanding of the situation. When the same message is posted and re-posted under multiple articles it becomes less convincing, not more so.

I wish you well, Mike. IMO, you've been trying to perform a service for the public good. I still think highly of you. I just don't want to be associated with this attack, not even through remaining silent. Silence can be mistaken for agreement, so I have chosen to speak out. Take care of yourself.

I wish you well, Mike. Please take care of yourself.


1. I disagree with your facts. Oregon has remained in the bottom five states during the entire pandemic and Douglas County has fared well in the state during the pandemic because of Governor Brown's leadership and her imposition of coronavirus restrictions in the face of tremendous pressure, not Dr. Dannenhoffer's "valiant job." Those are the real facts. And I didn't vote for Governor Brown.

2. The reason I continue to post this is because Dr. Dannenhoffer and the Commissioners continue to lie in interviews and publish their NEW BIG LIE that supply is the issue and people read that every day in DPHN's daily press release. Where's your outrage with them and their daily lie? Considering your elder parents can't get vaccinated until their March appointment, where's your outrage at the delay when 11% of Oregon (NOT Douglas County) has already been vaccinated.

I'm sorry you think I'm mean. I tend to get this way when I see preventable deaths occurring and our community leaders attempting to cover up their complicity. I refuse to condone that and always will.


If you'd ever want to have a reasonable discussion, I am happy to do so. Please don't resort to name calling.


I have responded to you multiple times in the past and have asked you questions. Not once have you responded back with an answer.


You and Mike Pence.


Please watch your tongue. I stated that Douglas County Public Health received only 800 doses targeted for seniors. I can show you the exact allocation.


Please show us.


I'll watch my tongue when YOU start telling the truth and stop misleading the public.


All viruses will be with us forever.....get a clue people! Unless you can do a world-wide eradication (small pox) the flu, measles, chicken pox, etc. will always be around. They mutate, and pop up whenever/wherever. That's life.


Douglas County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer LIED about vaccinations, again. Dr. Dannenhoffer was interviewed yesterday by KLCC radio where he said, “So, the vaccine delivery model is going well but we’re getting just a pittance in terms of the amount of vaccine we need…So, for example, last week, we got 800 doses for our population 80 and above.” You can listen to the audio of the interview for yourself at the below attached link.

A lie is when a person knowingly says something untruthful. That is exactly what Dr. Dannenhoff did. He lied.....again. It is by far NOT his first time.

Douglas County Public Health Network reported on their own website receiving 1,900 vaccine doses of vaccine on February 3 and 2,000 doses of vaccine on February 10. NOT 800 doses as Dr. Dannenhoffer claimed. And that is just the vaccine delivered to DPHN and doesn't include vaccines sent directly from the federal or state government to Roseburg VA Hospital, Mercy Medical Center, Emergency Medical Services, the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians or local pharmacies. Moreover, when Dr. Dannenhoffer untruthfully claimed Douglas County received 800 doses of vaccine last week, he alluded that it was the total received by the entire county, not just DPHN.

Dr. Dannenhoffer is lying to news media to cover-up the fact Douglas County is the worst in the state for vaccinating its residents and DPHN’s vaccine roll-out under his leadership has been a dismal failure.


Douglas County Douglas County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer LIED yet again about coronavirus vaccinations yesterday during a different interview with KVAL radio. In the interview (below link), Dr. Dannenhoffer lied when he told KVAL radio that Douglas County had vaccinated 10 – 11% of the Douglas County community. According to the Oregon Health Authority, Douglas County has vaccinated only 6.99% of its residents.

That’s not a simple mistake. This was Dr. Dannenhoffer’s lying attempt to draw attention away from the FACT Douglas County has the worst vaccination record in Oregon. NO other county in the state have vaccinated a lower percentage of its residents than Douglas County.


Again, please stop name calling. The numbers reported by OHA do not include vaccinations given at the VA.


Even if true, it still wouldn't be between 10% - 11%. If you're Dannenhoffer, shouldn't you know that?


Lied is NOT a name. It is a verb.


On February 9, Mark Tsuchiya, the Director of Marketing and Development at Aviva Health was interviewed by KMTR TV station (below link) about Douglas County coronavirus vaccinations and said;

According to public health (DPHN), there are 7200 eligible seniors in Douglas County, but they only got 700 doses for this week.

This statement is untrue and perpetuates the new BIG LIE. Douglas County Public Health Network reported on their own website receiving 1,900 vaccine doses on February 3 and 2,000 doses of vaccine on February 10. It appears medical leaders in Douglas County are intentionally misleading the public about its dismal vaccination record of vaccinating the lowest percentage of its residents of any county in Oregon. Ya say it enough times and people believe it’s true.


After two months of vaccinations, Douglas County remains the WORST County in Oregon for vaccinating its residents. Only 8,172 of Douglas County’s 112,251 residents have been vaccinated. This is a mere 7.3% of Douglas County residents compared to Oregon’s average of 11.3% residents vaccinated. No county has vaccinated a lower percentage of its residents than Douglas County.

It took Douglas County two months to vaccinate 7.3% of its residents. At this rate, consider how many years it will take to vaccinate all of Douglas County residents.

Below is the updated percentage of residents vaccinated in each Oregon County today according to the Oregon Health Authority.











Hood River------12.49




























Our County Commissioners untruthfully claim low supply of vaccine is the reason for Douglas County’s slow vaccine roll-out to its residents. If so, ask yourself why vaccine supply is NOT an issue for the rest of Oregon, with some counties having vaccinated a much higher percentage of their residents. Moreover, the CDC (below link) indicates 840,575 doses of vaccine have been delivered to Oregon. Oregon has enough to vaccinate 19.9% of all Oregon residents. But Only 669,986 doses have been administered to date. This means Oregon has 170,589 vaccine doses that have NOT been administered. That’s an average of 4,738 doses sitting on the shelf in EVERY Oregon County that have yet to be administered.


Historically, 2.41% of Douglas County's positive coronavirus cases result in death. Statistically, it means 2 - 3 of those 116 new cases over the past 3 days will die. Let that sink in.


[thumbup] to Dr D.


Yeah, right. [thumbdown]

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