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Larry Hill

Since the beginning of the 20th century, eastern liberal elites have invaded our great western states. The first wave seemed to mostly consist of professors and other educators. The founders of Stanford and Reed College, as only two examples, desired to have higher education on par with the finest schools in the east. So, they imported educators from various states on the other coast. They, in turn, espoused the beauty, personality and history of our western states. So, like cockroaches, they sent our scouts and then we became overcome by the roaches — bringing many, many ideas and teachings and beliefs that did not and do not resonate with the “real westerner.”

Larry Hill enjoyed a 20-year career in the U.S. Army in signals intelligence and administration and personnel. His second career was as an employee relations representative at San Francisco State University for 22 years. Early in this century, Larry and his wife Yong moved to Roseburg where he has become heavily involved in the veteran community and serving that community as best he can.

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I love that anyone who wasn’t approved by the author isn’t “from” here. Did you attend a college, well then you’re tainted! Moved here 30 years ago? I’ve lived here 40.

It’s as if he thinks the West Coast was gifted by god on a nice platter to white settlers all those years ago.

I wonder if there are other people in this area who might be mad about an invasion from the East…


D Steel, I'm not going to do your homework for you. "Google" it. "Gender Qu*er" is at the top of the list parents are objecting to, but there are many others. Then google "school boards flipping to red" and see where the left's attack on children is landing it.

The covid "lockdowns" had one positive outcome: parents across the country became aware of the trash being taught to their kids...from CRT to gender confusion. Even lefty parents love their kids. It will be the hill the Democrats die on. You've awakened a sleeping giant.


melrose reader, try telling the parents of the kids in Portland schools that this is imaginary

Warning: above links are graphic


Thank you for your service, sir. I might disagree with you on "easteners" coming to the west and turning it upside down and inside out. I'm originally from Illinois, Bible Belt country, and I brought my conservative values with me.

I do agree the liberal ideas being promoted are coming out of our higher education system, which is quickly infiltrating our elementary, middle, and high schools. People with conservative values need to take a stand...they're coming after our kids.

Thank you again for your service, and to your continuing service to veterans. God bless you.

Tom Wingo

It's always "them" and not "us" - and when everything else fails - let's bring out the tired trope of protecting the kids. Liberal ideas aren't infiltrating the school system, despite whatever social media news outlet is making these claims. I have kids in the Roseburg school system and they do reading, math, english, science, history -- taught pretty much (except for the math, which is definitely a conspiracy to drive parents who help with homework mad) the same way as when I was a kid in the 70's and 80's. I review their homework, attend parent teacher conferences, and I haven't seen any sign of anything but teaching these subjects in a straightforward way. This reminds me of the 1950's when there was a communist under every rock.


Our daughter has kids in the Oregon school system. There's plenty of teaching young kids subjects that should be taught in the home. Have you looked at some of the Portlanders lesson plans for Kindergarteners? In the 70's and 80's were you concerned about pronouns? Or reading and math? There's p*rn in the school libraries. Maybe it hasn't hit Douglas County yet. We are still a rural and conservative county. But it will unless parents put their foot down.


Really sad. Obsessing about imaginary issues. I feel sorry for you.

D Steel

You really need help, kaydee. This obsession with transgender persons isn’t healthy. Pornography in school libraries??? I’ll call your bluff, cite all pornography available in school libraries. Which moonie publication, conspiracy theory website, political party and/or random stranger on the street is filling your head with this ridiculous nonsense?

I understand it’s the political season. Lies are more abundant than flies. Credibility is abandoned for wild, baseless fear mongering. People are being demonized to score political points and push an electorate in whatever direction political advisors have determined, damage and facts aren’t of concern.

You’re creating true harm to others. You may not believe you are. But the nonsense you spout is hurting others. Your misinformation campaign is dangerous and has to potential to genuinely harm persons you’re targeting.

I hope you’ll exchange your misinformation campaign for one of truth. From what I’ve observed, it’s highly doubtful facts would be of influence or of use for your purposes.

Tom Wingo

Both major political parties have changed a lot over the last 30 years, but I haven't. I still vote on policy issues that are important to me and not on campaign rhetoric; the character of the candidate matters to me and not made up conspiracy theories; and past experience matters to me as the best indicator of future results is past performance.

My ballot has been cast and I voted Wyden (D) and Hoyle (D), but also voted for Drazan (R) and David Brock Smith (R). Voting straight down party lines, JUST because its "your" party is (in my humble opinion) lazy and inexcusable.

Take the worst you've ever heard about the "other" party and the best you've ever heard about "your" party and throw it out the window. Neither party is perfect - and both have some major flaws - but neither (as a whole) are the evil doers they are painted to be. I want two parties that have well thought out policy platforms and work with each other to find a middle ground. The all or nothing politics are destroying this country.

Lastly, I find this letter appalling. It uses the same type of language that has been used by us historically to marginalize (and worse) immigrants - it's racist, bigoted dog whistles. Hoyle being born on an Air Force base in California makes her disqualified for office in Oregon? Kids of military parents can't hold elected office here? Those from Pennsylvania don't share our American values? Where was the U.S. constitution signed? It can birth nation, but not a candidate in Oregon? Those from Minnesota can't comprehend the issues we face in Oregon - do we not have enough lakes? Enough dairies?

Sad and silly, but mostly sad.


It's Wisconsin that's known for dairies. Cheeseheads et al?

D Steel

Love those eye brows!!! All clear for take off!!!

So let me get this straight, the author is complaining about candidates not being local and he worked 20+ years in California??? Hilarious!

I’ve already cast my ballot. Drazan and Skarlatos (another California native) didn’t get my vote. My decision wasn’t based on their place of birth or education, their qualifications for the office of their choice was my deciding factor. I don’t believe either of them would be a good fit for the position they’re pursuing.




Mr. Hill wrote: "Since the beginning of the 20th century, eastern liberal elites have invaded our great western states...They, in turn, espoused the beauty, personality and history of our western states. So, like cockroaches, they sent our scouts and then we became overcome by the roaches — bringing many, many ideas and teachings and beliefs that did not and do not resonate with the “real westerner.”

First, I can't help but wonder what our Native American neighbors might think about this statement. That is, Mr. Hill implies that the nineteenth-century people who waged war against Native Americans and stole their lands are the "real westerners." How quaint! (not)

Second, unlike the commenters below who condemn the N-R for publishing this trope, I think the editor has done us all a service in that the letter exposes the author for the hate-filled ignorant bigot that he is.


Wait, wait wait ... uh, N-R, did you verify this as being written by a real Mr. Hill?

I'm wondering, with the picture and the wording, could this be some local comic doing a take-off of the Onion?

I mean, it's so completely over-the-top, almost as if it was designed to make us howl.

Mr. Hill, are you really the guy in the picture and were you having us on? N-R, did anyone verify this?


Whoever you are…you have an ugly soul.


What caustic vitriol Mr. Hill. You write as though you don't believe there are liberals "born and bred" here whose families have been here for over 150 years. Shame on you and shame on the News Review for publishing this tripe.


I am a real westerner. I was born in the west, as were my parents. They taught me to be wary of people who looked at others as outsiders or invaders or cockroaches or slithering creatures.

My grandfather loved America. He had a 5th grade education. He had to drop out of school to support his family when his father died. He admired professors and educators and he went to free lectures in an effort to learn as much as he could. He saved money every week to make sure his son went to college and law school. All of his grandchildren went to college and several of them became -- gasp! -- educators. That's because real westerners respect learning.

A real westerner is not afraid of educated eastern elites because we know we can hold our own. And, geez, a real westerner knows that Minnesota is neither eastern nor elite.

This is possibly the worst guest column I've ever read in the N-R. Please note that as the LW deplores professors and educators and Californians, his bio says he worked at San Francisco State University for 22 years.


When an opinion piece refers to Americans who moved from the east to the west coast as an invasion is disturbing to say the least. Coming from a veteran makes it even more so. Then on top of it, anyone who doesn't espouse this man's idea of what our country should be are referred to as cockroaches.

How on earth are we ever supposed to heal the current division when we have folks with this attitude?

It's sad and it's wrong.

I feel sorry for the bitterness and blame this man holds for his fellow Americans.

We are better than this.



D Steel



Yet both of your "thumbs up" followers resort to ridicule and name calling continually on here. Hmmm..... I agree. We have to get rid of the hatred for each other. But that's the plan of our leaders. On both sides sometimes.

D Steel

I can only speak for myself, when people post provable lies and misinformation, humor can be a useful tool.

Sometimes people are useful tools for their puppet master to wantonly disseminate fact-free commentary.

I agree there has to be less hatred, but posting provable lies won’t get you near that path.


I think it's always nice to honor those that have, and are still, serving. You can make your point without ridicule.

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