Army veteran George Graham now teaches language arts at Jo Lane Middle School in Roseburg.

George Graham

My New Year’s Eve experience was like none other! I’m 62 years old and I’m here to tell you, the New Year’s Eve I just experienced will never be forgotten, because I brought in the New Year at Mercy Hospital, in their emergency room.

No reservations were needed. As a matter of fact, my going to the ER was a last minute decision! Nevertheless, once I gave my name at the front desk, I was welcomed-in, and within minutes ushered to a small private room. Multiple young people came by to check on me, making sure I was getting what I needed. Wonderful service, indeed.

When a larger, more private room was ready, my wife and I were escorted like we were the most important people on the planet. I was even given a “fine robe” so my own clothes wouldn’t get messed-up throughout the evening.

More young people checking in on me, and ever-so-often I would be escorted to other rooms where they showed me some of their newest technology. Fascinating! And in Roseburg!

It must have been some of the managers who came by to visit with me. They were a bit older. They asked me all sorts of questions, wanted to make sure I was comfortable and that I was getting what I needed. They even asked about my extended family. How nice of them.

By the time midnight rolled around I was getting rather tired so they provided a place for me to rest. But they didn’t rest. Nope, their friendly / professional service extended well into the new year. All throughout the night these young people would come in to check on me. It was almost like they enjoyed spending their New Year’s Eve in the emergency room

I was still in the ER the next morning; an overextended visit according to most, but not to the folks at Mercy. They even brought me breakfast! And then lunch! More folks came in, they allowed my wife to come back in (with real coffee) and everyone was so kind and professional.

My stay at Mercy lasted just under 24 hours, and during that time I never met anyone who didn’t tend to my needs with a fantastic attitude. I can’t say enough about how professional, helpful and kind the emergency room staff was at Mercy.

Granted, I hope to NOT revisit Mercy next year on New Year’s Eve, but if I had too, I would be welcomed, even without a reservation.

George Graham is retired from Roseburg Public Schools and is now an administrator at Umpqua Valley Christian School.

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I have also had good experiences at the Mercy ER on several occasions but have failed to publicly mention it. I'm glad this letter was written.


Within minutes of walking in? Wow, on the right day one has to wait 11 hours to be welcomed into a cubicle. I'm happy that you were so impressed with the 4-star service. [thumbup]

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