Douglas County’s community of healthcare providers are being tested like never before. COVID-19 is a unique and devastating disease that is causing death and suffering like none of us has ever seen. We’ve watched hospital beds and the ICU overflow with patients, elective procedures cancelled, and healthcare resources become scarce. This is undeniably deadlier than the worst flu year for a hundred years and it continues to get worse. As members of this community, we and our families are getting sick too. It is heartbreaking to see patients fall critically ill and being unable to save them, and to know that those who are admitted to the ICU may not ever walk out. It is discouraging to see our warnings and entreaties continue to go unheeded or contradicted, which has led to our county becoming one of the sickest in the nation.

We strongly support the use of vaccines as the best protection against COVID-19. Vaccines clearly prevent the worst manifestations of this terrible disease. There is nothing more disheartening than to see patients struggling with serious complications that could have been prevented. Improving vaccination rates will free up our hospital resources, allowing our patients to get the elective surgeries and other care they need. Vaccines will also help end the economic devastation this pandemic has brought to our community. Professional medical societies have unanimously spoken out in support of vaccination.

We strongly oppose the use of unproven treatments for COVID-19 that are not effective and put our patients at risk for unnecessary complications. We also oppose the promotion of these experimental treatments in a way that obscures the risks and exaggerates the potential benefits. It is inappropriate and unethical to subject patients to experimental treatments without informed consent and outside of randomized controlled trials. As healthcare providers we are obligated to heed the guidelines of our professional organizations and to use the best evidence available to guide the treatment of our patients.

We strongly support the use of masks indoors and in crowded areas by all who can wear them. Masks reduce the spread of the virus and reduce the risks for everyone.

We support and applaud the efforts of our local public health officials who have worked tirelessly to protect and educate our community. They have faced incredible challenges and yet remain committed to the challenge. We will continue to follow their guidance and support them in the measures they have enacted to protect our community.

We, the physicians of Douglas County, share the commitments we’ve outlined above. Standing in solidarity against this pandemic will strengthen our resolve to continue our work in the face of continued tragedy for our community and our patients.

Michael Krnacik, MD, PhD, DCIPA Board Chairman

Bart Bruns, MD, DCIPA CEO

Sarah Agsten, DO

Hennie Abrio, MD

Faye Ameredes, DO

Tyler Andrews, MD

Kate Bayliss, MD

Jacob Benford, MD

Heidi Beery, MD

Phillip Benedetti, MD

Joseph M. Black, MD

Diane Bolduc, MD

Kurt Brickner, DO

Gregory S. Brigham, PhD, ABPP

Gary Bronstein, MD

Craig Brooksby, MD

Bart Bruns, MD

Leonardo Campos, MD

Kirsten Carhart, NP, CNM

Erin Cassidy, NP

Laurance W. Choate, MD

Julia Coppi, MD

Jeff Croy, MD

Bob Dannenhoffer, MD

Kevin Dean, MD

Marcy E. Dean, MSN, FNP-C

Kanani Dilcher, MD

Gerald Engstrom, MD

Joshua Fisher, MD, MPH, MSc

Shelli Flynn, MD

Steven Follett, MD

Wade Fox, MD

Michael Fucci, DO

Jay Gade, MD

Christine Garwood, FNP

Tim Gladding, MD

Sylvia Gosline, MD

Razvan Gosman, MD

Andrea Gray, MD

Jason Gray, MD

Aric Groshong, MD

Anjali Gupta, MD

Wilson Gutierrez, MD

Allen Hack, MD

Anthony Hamm, DMD

Mark Hamm, DMD

Bret Hansen, MD

Dustin Harn, PA-C, MSPAS

Candace Hatton, FNP

Emmanuelle Hebert, FNP

Marie Hebert, MD

Rachel Hebert, FNP

Luke Herscher, DO

Lisa Hobart, PA-C

Jim Hoyne, DO

Travis Inglis, DO

Laurentiu Istrate, MD

Neha Jain, MD

Chris Jannelli, MD

Gerry Jaworski, MD

Jens Johansson, DO

Angela Jones, MD

Layne Jorgensen, DO

Faarina Khan, MD

Ovais Khan, MD

Robert Kloepper, MD

Michael Krnacik, MD, PhD

Arul Krishnan, MD

Anna Kulacz, MPH, PA-C

Neil Kumar, MD

Doug Larson, MD

Elliott Lange, MD

Joel Lee, MD

Michael Llewellyn, MD

Theresa M. Lundy, MD

Jacob McAvoy, PA-C

Charles McGlade, MD

George Middlekauff, MD

Marti Mitchell, DO

Glen Monteiro, MD, MPH

Subhajit Mukherjee, MD, PhD

Jenni Nix, MD

Siobhan O’Reilly, MD, MPH

Elizabeth Oler, MD

Jolanta Olson, MD

Eric Ory, MD

Edward Ottenheimer, MD

Sandesh Pandit, MD

Britain Parrish, MD

Michael Peterson, PA-C

Claire Pollard, MD

Clem Pope, PA-C

Mark Ramirez, MD

Jay Richards, DO

Julee Richards, MD

David Rickman, MD

April Riverland, PA-C

Brad Robinson, MD

Jonathan Russell, MHS, PA-C

Rishi Saigal, MD

Cary Sanders, MD

Preeti Satyanarayana, MD

Christine Seals, MD

Brad Seely, MD

Cody Seeley, DO

Polly Sepulvado, MD

Linda Sewell, MD

Alex Shaffer, PA-C

Larry Sharp, DO

Marcus Sickelton, PA-C

Pushpinder Singh, NP

Melissa Snell, DO

Brent Soder, MD

Chris Spence, MD

Chris Smith, MD

Cordell Smith, DPM

Ahmad B. Stanackzai, MD, MBA

Cindy Steele, FNP-BC

Clayton Stuart, DO

Dan Sulitzer, DO

Anandita Tiwari, MD

Keneilwe Tlaang, MD

Rodney Todd, MD

Doru Totoian, MD

Micah Tovey, DPM

William Townsend, MD

Sharon Trammell, PA

John Traul, MD

Fred Van Dis, MD

Michael VanAnrooy, MD

Courtney Virgilio, MD

Vanessa Vu, MD, PhD, CASC

Victor Wallenkampf, MD

Jonathan Waller, MD, MPH

Simran Waller, MD MPH

Jerry Warren, MD

Joshua Weese, MD

Kaylan Weese, MD

Jason Wilks, DPM

Steven Williams, MD

Susan Williams, MD

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(38) comments


Sad that this has become a debate between ignorance and common sense. Even sadder the level of ignorance in our country.


The list of doctors’ names who have signed on in support of this letter issued by the Douglas County Independent Physicians Association (DCIPA) has grown from 118 to 140 doctors. The new list of doctors’ names can be found at the below link.

Notably absent from the list are Evergreen doctors Tim Powell, his brother Dr. John Powell and Dr. Nancy Powell. It was Evergreen Family Medicine’s misinformation blog by the Powells' (below link) that discouraged vaccinations and encouraged unproven treatments like horse de-wormers which most likely spurred the DCIPA letter supported by Douglas County doctors in opposition to the misinformation spewed by Evergreen.

Evergreen Family Medicine’s website lists a staff of 40 doctors (below link). Dr. Elizabeth Oler joined Dr. Shelli Flynn and Dr. Britain Parrish as the ONLY three Evergreen doctors to sign on in support of DCIPA’s letter. Dr. Oler's name is a recent addition. The names of the other 37 Evergreen doctors are missing from the letter’s list of names.

Comment deleted.

Scomo, once again, you are promoting lies that will kill people. For shame!

Comment deleted.

"Ivermectin and HCQ were dropped from the clinical guidance on September 25, 2021 after studies found that HCQ and Ivermectin have little to no effect on Covid-related mortality or clinical recovery of the patient," according to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Task Force on Covid-19.


Are ANY family practice doctors on this list accepting new patients? I may need to switch.


Notably absent from the letter listing Douglas County doctors names are those of Dr. Tim Powell, his brother Dr. John Powell and Dr. Nancy Powell.

The Powells are considered the most powerful and visible family in Douglas County medical circles. Tim Powell and his brother John are on Mercy Medical Center’s Board of Directors and are co-CEOs of Evergreen Family Medicine, one of the largest medical offices and urgent care centers in Roseburg. Dr. Mary Powell is a doctor at Evergreen Family Medicine and is chief of staff at Mercy Medical Center.

Under Evergreen Family Websites, the Powells have published a disinformation blog (below link) encouraging people to NOT get vaccinated and instead consider using unproven medical treatments like horse de-wormer ivermectin. It wasn’t until a recent article in the Oregonian drew attention to the Powell’s misinformation blog that Dr. Tim Powell admitted to having been vaccinated.

Under the Powell's leadership, Evergreen Family Medicine is currently undergoing their 3rd Covid outbreak according to the Oregon Health Authority. This comes after The Oregonian (below link) recently reported Evergreen Family Medicine was sanctioned by OSHA for failing to enforce mask mandates after receiving complaints from employees.

The Oregonian article indicated Dr. Powells MAY currently be under investigation by the State Medical Board and also stated the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division sanctioned Evergreen last spring after the agency’s investigation confirmed two complaints from employees that the company was not enforcing mask requirements.


Correction: Should state Dr. Mary Powell, not Dr. Nancy Powell.


Thank you Dr. Bruns. I recently called YOU out for NOT doing enough in our community to battle the medical misinformation being spewed by the Powells and their Evergreen blogs. Organizing and publishing this letter supported by a majority of Douglas County doctors calling out that misinformation was necessary. Thank you again.


So much for vaccine-generated herd immunity

In an Israeli hospital outbreak, 96% vaccination rates (and universal masking) made no difference. And guess who had mild cases? Hint: not the vaccinated.

Alex Berenson

Oct 3



A reader tipped me to this fascinating paper in a peer-reviewed journal about a Covid outbreak in Israel that began in mid-July, just as vaccine failure was accelerating there.

A vaccinated dialysis patient was admitted to Meir Medical Center - a large Israeli hospital near Tel Aviv - with fever and cough. He remained on the dialysis unit for days, as his condition worsened. (One of many problems with overselling the vaccines is that it led to mistakes like this.)

By the time he was diagnosed with Covid-19, he had infected three fellow patients. He also had a PCR threshold of 13.6 - almost impossibly low, showing viral loads roughly 1 million times those in a lightly infected person. He was moved to a Covid-19 ward, where he eventually died (I say he, though the patient’s gender is not revealed; the paper refers to “they).

The paper, published in Eurosurveillance, a journal published by the European Centers for Disease Control, explains that the outbreak rapidly spread among both patients and staff of the hospital’s dialysis unit, the Covid-19 ward, and other wards. At the time, 238 out of 248 of exposed patients and staff had been fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

Again, the fact that 96 percent of the people in this population had been vaccinated - a level far above early estimates of the percentages required for herd immunity - apparently made no difference.

Further, all patients and staff were required to wear surgical masks when they were in the same room, and staff on the Covid-19 unit wore N95 masks and face shields.

Ultimately, 39 out of the 238 exposed vaccinated people (16 percent) were infected, along with 3 out of 10 unvaccinated people - a difference that doesn’t reach statistical significance because the unvaccinated group is too small.

Of the infected, 23 were patients and 19 staff. The staff all recovered quickly. But five patients died and another nine had severe or critical cases. All were vaccinated. The two unvaccinated infected patients both had mild cases.

As the authors explained:

“This communication… challenges the assumption that high universal vaccination rates will lead to herd immunity and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks… In the outbreak described here, 96.2% of the exposed population was vaccinated. Infection advanced rapidly (many cases became symptomatic within 2 days of exposure), and viral load was high.”



Was there a reason you left out the final discussion and conclusion from the study you cited which said:

"Of note, in our cases, in particular case patients, the time from vaccination was considerable. The shortest interval was 142 days (5 months), and many of our case patients advanced to severe disease. Data from Israel imply that the main reason for the increase in COVID-19 cases in summer is indeed waning immunity, and a third vaccine dose, 5 months after the second dose will possibly result in trend reversal."

"This nosocomial outbreak exemplifie"s the high transmissibility of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant among twice vaccinated and masked individuals. This suggests some waning of immunity, albeit still providing protection for individuals without comorbidities. However, a third vaccine dose may be needed, particularly in individuals with risk factors for severe COVID-19. Appropriate use of masks, especially in high-risk settings is advised."

Their conclusion is a 3rd dose of vaccine is needed, NOT that vaccinations "made no difference."



A previous comment by gearheadgeek1969 that explains it all:

"Well done Dallas. The fact that the usual pack of scared-to-death Dem sycophants do not like you means you are on the right track!"


Thank you, doctors and other health care professionals. It's time all of us stood up for rationality and humanity. A small, ignorant and recalcitrant minority now comprises a diminishing death cult.


And yet thousands of doctors and other medical works are not vaccinated, because they do not believe it is that effective. And judging by the people who are still contracting Covid, after being vaccinated, I tend to agree with them.


Wretched, those relatively few doctors and others are the poster-children for adamantine ignorance. And so are those who "tend to agree with them."


This past Thursday and Friday...69 new cases (60 unvaccinated); 6 dead -- none vaccinated.


With reluctance, I know I will need to leave Evergreen Family Practice, as a patient. Never would I have imagined it would be due to politics. Tim Powell ran down the Ivermectin rabbit hole and then, when confronted, didn't own up to it. Are there any Evergreen providers that have signed this letter? This level of mistrust won't go away.


I believe that there is clear unity in the local medical professions that vaccination is the prime avoidance mechanism; those with open ears hear it every day. Doctors are human, and modern medicine is far from perfect...the entire profession was actively pursuing treatments without much guidance prior to the availability of vaccines, and that research is ongoing. Perhaps Dr. Powel could have said different things...perhaps he was simply guilty of getting caught up in the local phenomenon called "You want information, so let's see if you can handle the truth."

I seem to recall that this letter was mentioned some days earlier -- that they are all independents with non-Evergreen associations, and as such you should not expect to see names from Evergreen's stable. I currently call Evergreen my doctors, and I would be reluctant to quit the clinic or change docs without cause that was specific to my treatment.

On the other side of the coin, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that some fine local personalities will make noise about this group needing to be stripped of their licenses and/or punished.


The final straw for myself was reading that Evergreen was the site of a Covid outbreak.


That actually is Evergreen's 2nd Covid outbreak. They also had an outbreak last October as reported by the Oregon Health Authority (below link).


I know that you are angry. Angry about our community not doing the right things is certainly justified these days. That said, over 10% in our county have been officially listed as a "case", and that number is probably lower than reality -- to expect a medical facility to be unaffected is not reasonable in a pandemic.


To the best of my knowledge, there have been no cases reported at Lower Umpqua Hospital, Umpqua Health Newton Creek, Cow Creek Health and Wellness Center, South River Community Health Center, White Oak Medical Center, Umpqua Health. And this doesn't even include almost all of the dental, vision and specialty clinics that reported zero cases.


Evergreen Family Medicine’s website lists a staff of 40 doctors (below link). The names of two of those doctors, Dr. Shelli Flynn and Dr. Britain Parrish, were included on the above Letter to the Editor. The names of the other 38 Evergreen doctors are missing from the letter’s list of names.


I am deeply disappointed to NOT find my Douglas County doctors name on this list of doctors fighting the disinformation spewed by Doctors Powell.


Elizabeth Oler also signed the letter.


Good for her. A recent addition just announced today.


My mistake. Dr. Oler's name appears to be on the list from the beginning. My apologies.


Thank you, doctors. This is an important message.

Not surprisingly, neither of the doctors I see at Evergreen signed the letter.


I’m proud of every doctor in town who signed this! I’m keeping a mindful eye on every doctor who did not…


For clarification: the ask to join in signing the letter was disjointed and last minute. There are many other providers who, if they had been approached earlier, would have signed. It started with DCIPA members only, then widened to non-DCIPA members plus non-physician providers.


This letter was first published nearly a week ago. There has been plenty of time for doctors to sign on in support. In fact, many doctors have signed on since then and the list is now up to 140 names.


Before any confrontation of a provider, or doxying happens I strongly suggest you understand how the entire process happened for signatures. Until you know that, and then know that some providers DID get the request to sign and DECLINED to you should stop with your accusations or innuendo. Not everyone checks emails regularly, some people take vacation, and some are too busy to handle a last minute task like this was. Regardless of what you think, plain and simple it's not reasonable to assume the request even made it to all providers in DC. Add all of that together and dial back the rhetoric...


Is your argument that there are still out-of-touch members of Douglas County's relatively small medical community that are unaware this letter was published last week? I don't think I suggested anything about a "confrontation." But now that you brought it up, each person asking their doctor WHY they didn't sign the letter is probably a good idea.


It's easily understandable that some providers would have been unavailable on short notice.

It would be a service to the community if an updated list of doctor-supporters could be published or if individual practitioners wrote short letters of support.


Actually, this IS the updated list of 141 names. The original list of 118 names was published last week.

D Steel

Your encouragement for all to get vaccinated is deeply appreciated. But how do you counter all the conspiracy theories and junk beliefs people have accepted?


D Steel: "But how do you counter all the conspiracy theories and junk beliefs people have accepted?" Tough nuts to crack, both literally and figuratively. Some are so deeply into a death cult that it is impossible to deliver a message to them; for others, delivery of the message simply hardens their resistance. Honestly, if some individuals get intubated while still in denial, we have to recognize that we won't ever counter all the conspiracy theories and junk beliefs that many have swallowed, along with hydroxychloroquine, bleach, and ivermectin.

For some, mandates will make all the difference. The prospect of losing a job, or of not being able to enter a bar or sports venues will be dispositive. Watching other unvaccinated people die in greater proportions may help, but we have examples on these pages right now of people immune to evidence, if not the virus.


Thank you. All of you.

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