A new topic in Glide is whether or not to lease the Glide middle school property to a recently created nonprofit called Glide Revitalization for 99 years. The nonprofit currently leases building space from the district on a short term basis and pays no rent. The rent is supposedly paid in building improvements. T

he nonprofit claims to need the 99 year lease in order to apply for a FEMA BRIC grant. The nonprofit operated through 2019 without any payroll on a total intake of around $24,000. The year of the Archie Creek Fire, 2020, the nonprofit took in $427,339 with the bulk of that revenue to be distributed to the victims of the Archie Creek Fire and have operated on donated funds from the local area and progressing into seeking grants for disaster related uses.

GR operated without any payroll through 2019. In 2020 GR spent $55,000 on payroll for 8 people. the nonprofit currently has 10 employees and is looking for more. in 2020 the service accomplishments of GR was $60,456 paid to provide disaster relief for fire survivors. Of that amount, $22,500 was paid to organizations or a Gov't agency and the remaining $37,956 was reported as paid to individuals. $77,374 was spent on Long Term Planning: infrastructure, recreation, economic development, historic restoration and disaster preparedness. So out of $427,339 only $37,956 went to individuals. Also, there has been direct complaints of victims not being able to communicate with case workers.

The community is having a hard time establishing worthiness to a nonprofit with 10 employees that can't even get 10% of the receipts to the individuals that need it the most. Lastly, the Glide middle school property was donated to the district for the benefit of the students for public education. Period!

Bob Murray


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Bob Murray was an early hero in the aftermath of the Archie Creek Fire. He road in into town and helped serve a spaghetti meal to local families. He then took his accolades following the News Review article published on September 9, 2020 and left. Bob Murray was not there to help impacted community members figure out to get copies of vital records, liaison with the building department, coordinate services with local contractors, help with unmet needs, or to assist with a vast array of other needs. A lost of services that required far more coordination than merely providing a meal or writing a check.

After everyone else left, Glide Revitalization remained. This group started as volunteers and feverishly worked to acquire grants and secure funding so they could be there to assist in the unheroic task of supporting an impacted community for the long-term. There dedication is worthy of praise, not condemnation.

While I respect Bob Murrays concerns over this project, I do not respect his tactics. It is reckless and irresponsible to portray these financials as negligent. Just as it would be inappropriate to disclose the tax records of Bob Murray Trucking and make assertions he was taking advantage of his customers by overcharging.

Bob Murray didn’t lose everything in the fire and needs to understand that help is much more than a free spaghetti meal!


When I look this up it is an incredibly detailed and long process. And doing a simple "find" of the linked pdf file, the word lease is not found. $55,000 for 8 staff, if they're full-time works out to $3.37 an hour, surely they weren't full-time. It's not surprising that the bulk, $77,374 of the $427,339 revenue was spent on planning as every endeavor of non-profit is in how to achieve its longevity. One has to take into consideration that Glide was harshly impacted by wildfire and the probability of harsh impact continuing in coming years. I wish them good luck in getting through this process. Take a look at it here: https://www.fema.gov/sites/default/files/documents/fema_nofo-fiscal-year-2021-building-resilient-infrastructure.pdf

Huge bbfan

Thanks for the letter. So much that they omitted in the original news story.


Sounds like a repeat of Trump University.


Thank you for posting the letter. I hope it has its intended effect.

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