A Christmas Eve ditty for the witty

Time has passed as COVID roars.

No one escaped the bitter wars.

We have tested the path of reason and stand.

But it seems like we still have found little plan.

A Christmas approaches with omicron here.

Now many still choose to join in the cure.

Defiance and ignorance are so hard to explain.

Only the foolish have joined in this game.

As time takes more of us, it seems so wrong.

We still fight to keep each other strong.

Embrace the wise and ignore the combaters.

We know that one does not cure those who are haters.

I never thought I would see such disarray.

Throughout the world, they say it’s OK.

Do not let guard or mask down, I say.

Perhaps a Christmas gift is who I can save.

So dash to all you who still err in place.

Know that this is not how God sheds His grace.

As we arrive on Christmas, that special morn.

Remember those lost and those whom we mourn.

Merry Christmas, and pray for a better new year!

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Roberto Jaramillo


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(3) comments

Huge bbfan

Puzzling that the "news review " would print such ridiculous drivel.

E.V. Debs

Puzzling that you would term it drivel, without specifics, without providing sources that contradict the contentions. It's not Nobel Prizewinning poetry, but it not "drivel" by any means.


Thank you, Roberto. Your contributions have been a joy.

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