A letter to a liberal friend who asked what I found to oppose in her opinions.

Dear Friend,

I have made it a rule not to engage you folks on the far left as I usually find it a waste of time. After watching what President Obama is doing and thinking about your rather condescending e-mail, I decided to break my rule and tell you where I get this “stuff.”

I get it by watching you (the far left) get the rest of the nation to spend some 20 trillion dollars on the “War on Poverty”over the last 50 some years. What have we got for it? More people listed as “poor” and more people in the cart of government dependence than ever. Not to mention the huge government bureaucracy that is needed to spend all that money. You have created a class of people who feel entitled to “free stuff.” A class of people who think they can riot, loot and burn without fear of consequence. They can shut down universities and shout down any that may disagree. Hell, they can shut down whole towns, all the while demanding free stuff. Half the time you give them free stuff or promise it. All you ask in return is that they vote for you and yours.

I have got it from watching your Teachers Union and the Department of Education drive our education system into the ground like a tent stake. I suppose I should feel proud that Oregon’s D rated K-12 system is forth in the nation for graduating kids from K-12. Fourth from the bottom that is. Roughly 2 million kids a year drop out of the nation’s schools. In Oregon it is about 10,000 a year. In times past, these kids could have made a living driving nails, driving trucks or any other labor intensive job. Today these jobs go to foreign workers. We should open the borders, and the cart, and let them all come. When you give them the right to vote (for you and yours) we all will be better off. Now granted these people work cheap and every one likes that, except for the people whose jobs they are taking. As for the dropouts? Why, they can just get in the cart and you will take care of them. All you ask is that they vote for you and yours. I know you are aware of the problem because the Teachers Union has offered to fix the problem they created. All they need is more money, lots more.

I have got this stuff watching President Obama. I know you think he is the second coming, but I see a lying, scheming, arrogant egomaniac. A man who thinks that he is far superior to any other man. If you disagree with him he calls you a Bible-clinging redneck, a flat-earther or just a racist. A man that will do and say anything to get what he wants. I have watched him blatantly lie to us about his health care system, foreign affairs, the IRS, climate change, the V.A. and the list goes on. I am watching him take an act of Islamic terror and turn it into a gun control issue. He is really twisting and turning the facts, and fibbing just a little, so he will not have to admit Islamic terrorism is real. He is trying his best to encumber the 99.99 percent of the population that obey the law with laws that the .01 percent just ignore. I know you think if we could just have eight more years of his plan. The rivers would run lemonade and there would be a money tree in every home. I am sure if Hillary can promise enough “free stuff” to get her elected, she will be able to build America into an economic and military powerhouse on par with Mexico.

I get it by watching our government getting bigger with each passing year. I am sure that you see big government as the end all of end alls. You seem to think that if we would just let government take care of things, all would be rosy cradle to grave. I see a government that is corrupt to the core. No one is held accountable. Bureaucrats get caught doing illegal and immoral things and they are promoted or allowed to retire with full benefits. No one is fired or held accountable in any fashion. I see government bureaucrats that think they can tell the rest of us how to live, what to eat, what and how to think. If you don’t agree, you are punished while they live as they wish. Like the old saying, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

One of these days you will run out of other people’s money. You will not be able to print enough money. What do you think all these people you have put in the cart of government dependency will do when you have to tell them there is no more “free stuff?” I will be gone, but I am sure they will not take it lying down. “Free stuff” may win elections but it will not support a country.

So now you know where I get this stuff. I am sure that you think all of these things are nothing but lies, damned lies.

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Bob Jaquette is an ex-lumber and plywood salesman retired from Roseburg Forest Products. He has lived in Roseburg for 36 years.

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Bill Abbott

The original poster makes many claims here, lets start with the biggest: "...20 trillion dollars on the “War on Poverty” over the last 50 some years. What have we got for it? More people listed as “poor” and more people in the cart of government dependence than ever."

This claim is often repeated, and obviously false. Nothing is the argument that follows has any foundation. I feel bad for people who believe this kind of malarky.

Check against US government data since 1959:

Year US Pop. People in Poverty Children


Well said then and well said now! We all need to follow up on statements grasped from the air as if true... The more you say them they become true? I think not! Bravo, Bill Abbott! Bravo!

john read

Are we talking about the same left that tried to stop the current administration from giving away the huge tax cut for the wealthy and corporations when it was not necessary that will surely be paid for by the impoverished and our future generations??


There is no way to have a calm courteous conversation with a Liberal any longer...just listening and watching Maxine Waters should tell you that.


Just visit San Francisco. That's a perfect example of the end result of decades of left wing "Progressive" politics. Drug addicts, mental cases, and feces everywhere, but HEAVEN FORBID someone's feelings should get hurt. The Dems cry about Human Rights, but that doesn't stop SF city officials from supplying needles to druggies, AND giving them a "Safe Place" to inject the drug of choice. If THAT isn't a "Human Rights" violation WTF is? It's legal to stroll around SF naked, and urinate in the street. Liberalism literally ON DISPLAY there. Makes me wanna vote Demoncrap for sure!


I'd wager $1000 you have not been to SFO lately or maybe ever.


"not to engage you folks" says it all. Thinking one is elite among others is what is wrong with this world, not just this country. "Old man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you" and you would find this out if I met you. Yes you use "left" and "democrat" as if it were a cuss word but I'll tell you that we are equal no matter what you think. Your true colors are showing.

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