Dallas Heard, do you read The News Review? Did you read Ruben Navarrette, Jr's column in the Feb. 18 edition?

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The point that the Bay Area isn't far from Douglas County is LAUGHABLE. Geographically, perhaps not, but ideologically, it is a tremendous difference.

Those people who think that Heard does not represent his district are people who don't know who is in his district. Shannon didn't and doesn't know the constituents that Dallas Heard represents.


I think Dallas is going a good job.


How can you tell when he doesn't bother to show up?


SD-1 includes Curry, part of Coos, and part of Douglas Counties


Agreed, I didn't make that San Fran to south counties either. However, those of us with families that have been in the area for a 165 years certainly do know Heard's constituents. Like the majority of our families, they're people who chose Oregon because it was chartered as a Caucasian Only state. There could be a difference in generational influence between those who traveled through the north and those who traveled through the south to get here. But all families should be able to tell when they're represented and when they're just, not.


Should be interesting to find out how Heard believes this windfall should be spent: https://www.opb.org/article/2022/02/21/oregon-legislature-democrats-to-offer-money-for-gop-priorities/


Since Heard is AWOL, I suppose we will never know.


His constituents may need to put a tracker on him. [smile]


Douglas County commissioners made a lousy choice when they replaced the disgraced Sen Kruse with Heard. And, later, Douglas County voters made a poor choice when they elected Heard, (Just think! They could have chosen an intelligent woman, Shannon Souza.)

Who ever could imaging that our senator would be so lazy as to not bother to show up for work> Heard is a disgrace. No doubt about it.

North Douglas X

Dallas Heard should not be representing those who voted for him. He should be representing his WHOLE district.

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