My wife is from Bethesda, Maryland, just a few miles from our nation’s Capitol. I was happy to go back there and visit on occasion, as my wife still has family and friends living in the Washington, D.C., area.

It was always a thrill and a privilege to ride the Metro subway to the Capitol Mall and take in the museums, monuments, and other attractions. Chief among those was a trip to our beautiful Capitol Building where the business of the nation’s governance takes place. I was always able to go to Rep. DeFazio’s office, unannounced, and be welcomed by the congressional staff with open arms, thrilled to see a constituent from the other side of the continent. Passes to sit in the gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives were given upon request so a humble citizen could observe our government at work. It did my heart proud that I could move about freely among the halls of power. Such was the privilege of living in a free and open society.

After the events of Jan. 6., I am afraid those days are behind us.

An angry mob of Trump supporters, fueled on hatred and the big lie of electoral fraud, and exhorted on by the sitting President, laid siege to our beloved Capitol building with the intent to disrupt the certification of the electoral college votes for President. Rioters vandalized our Capitol, and some gained access looking to cause physical harm to our elected representatives, including Trump’s own loyal vice-president, Mike Pence. For his part in the insurrection former President Trump was impeached for a second time in the House and must be found guilty in his Senate trial. To do less would be to further damage our democracy.

Ed Francis


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So what part of Trump saying "Peaceful" don't you understand?


Fight fight fight fight fight fight peaceful fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight


I believe Rise is watching the FOX Entertainment News version of the trial rather than PBS, C-SPAN, or MSNBC showing the entire trial.


I feel like screaming. At each and every senate republican. How can you not convict Trump of the most heinous violation of his oath of office that any US president has ever committed. How can you possibly do that?

Are you deaf, dumb and blind? Are you so thoroughly compromised? Have you no integrity whatsoever? What the heck is wrong with you?

There are over 300,000,000 people in the USA and you are among the 100 people chosen to represent us in the world's premiere deliberative body. You are indeed very special.

How can you possibly violate your oath of office? Betray everything our government stands for? Betray We the People?

I simply do not understand.


It's not how many people that Republican Senator represents, it's which ones give them the largest donations. They sell their souls to the highest bidder in order to remain in their very lucrative positions that carry the ability for them to retire millionaires. It's sad but true and maybe someday you and I will get together to drive to a mountaintop for good old fashioned primal scream therapy.

Marine Vet

And Every single Sitting Elected Officials in Roseburg & Douglas County. Supported t****. Not just 1 time but Twice. While we Good Americans are Cleaning House. It is Something to Consider. NVRA. Never Vote Republican Again.




I have very fond memories of the days before barricades; even the ability to walk up to the White House, past some very unimposing guards. Last I looked, monuments are still readily accessible. 1966 or '67, I was on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at midnight, and a Black guy was playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic on a flute, and there were maybe 20 or 40 other folks around, and it was a deeply moving moment.

I'm had nearly as powerful moments at the Capitol and the White House. Every American ought to experience those.

The mob and its author robbed us of so many blessings.


I hope the impeachment managers express the same feelings regarding the opportunities the general public has lost in visiting the capital since 01/06/2021. Its hard to imagine that I, my children and grand children will probably never be able to visit that sacred place again.

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