I was struck by the amazing irony of the two lead stories on the front page of The News-Review's Friday edition.

The first details that the Roseburg school district may be financially devastated by an unexpected, dramatic decrease in enrollment. It seems that many parents are now opting to home school their children, probably as a result of the COVID-19 lockout, but maybe also due to the poor quality of education currently offered by public schools. Evidence of the latter was also present in your newspaper in an article that claimed the Oregon Dept. of Education is planning to change mathematics curricula to end racism. They believe that mathematics is not objective and is an extension of white supremacy, because it is not important to get a correct answer; go figure.

On your front page was another article describing how the head of the Roseburg School Board is concerned about the school mascot because “the country was made great through the genocides of Indians and the enslavement of blacks.” Someone should inform Mr. Johnson that enrollment is plummeting and his focus on the sports teams mascot issue is, at best, superfluous. If the system runs out of money and students, there will be no sports, hence no need for a mascot. On another note, I wasn’t aware that there was ever any slavery of black people in Oregon. Perhaps Mr. Johnson is not suited for his position, it seems that it’s time for him to move on. Perhaps instead of being used as a social justice platform, the Roseburg schools should be properly instructing their students in academics to prepare them for a life in an increasingly competitive world.

Robert Morris


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People who don't understand Oregon's history regarding slavery, racism and white supremacy would benefit from reading the following article. Great pictures, too, like the Ku Klux Klan marching in Grants Pass and whites only signs in Portland. In Roseburg, laws were in effect barring the provision of overnight accommodations to people of color until 1959. My house here in Roseburg was built in the late 40s and the neighborhood had rules that no home could be sold or rented to a person of color. That's our history. Please read the following article and look at the photos if you have doubts.



As you speak, the Roseburg Public Library featured a presentation by the Oregon Historical Society about racism and resistance in Oregon just last week. It was an excellent program and is still available for viewing. Go to their Facebook page, click on videos, and you will find it under "Racism in Oregon." https://www.facebook.com/roseburglibrary


Bob, you're correct, there were no black slaves in Oregon. However, Oregon's history indicates, "voters who overwhelmingly voted in November 1857 to prohibit slavery and ban free blacks. Although the resulting laws were not really enforced, they still sent a message. Thus, while small numbers of blacks were tolerated in Oregon throughout the mid 1800s, they struggled on the margins of society with few friends and fewer rights." While no one could own slaves in Oregon, Oregon also banned all blacks. This source is interesting and quick to read: https://sos.oregon.gov/archives/exhibits/black-history/Pages/context/slavery.aspx It's telling that after so many years, many in Oregon still only "tolerate" black people. And then, there are those who don't. It begs the question of why those who couldn't tolerate black people didn't just stay south of the 36th parallel.


From what I have read in the past, Douglas County had a large number of kkk members.


Sounds reasonable. https://patch.com/oregon/across-or/oregon-among-top-10-most-hateful-states-us-analysis-shows


Hi, Robert Morris. Can you post a link to the article about the Oregon Dept. of Education planning to change the mathematics curricula to end racism because they believe that mathematics is not objective and is an extension of white supremacy, and it is not important to get a correct answer?

I couldn't find it. I found an article about parents switching to home schooling and one about the school district looking at racism. I also found one about the schools switching to a Physics First approach to teaching sciences that would also require students learning the proper math to understands physics before they move on to chemistry and biology. The main theme of that article is that the old way of teaching sciences was often through rote memorization (that's certainly how I was taught) and that we know more about science now, so we have to change the way it's taught. I could find no mention of racism or white supremacy or wrong answers being acceptable in that article.

This is what the article said about math:

The hardest thing may be the math that’s required for physics, but all freshmen at Roseburg High School take algebra I.

“We’re going to be doing some math with them all year, so hopefully what we’ll get to see is their math skills will grow more their freshmen year,” Brooks said. “Not only are they doing something in math class, but they can apply it in science class, which I think will be really nice.”


Was there another article I missed? Can you post the link? Thanks.


I'm guessing that the News Review re-posted from another source. This one is from the Washington Examiner via MSN. There are a few others on more conservative sites.



Bonne Price

Morris---You hit the nail on the head. Thanks to that article we all know now how leftist, socially dogmatic, American culture cancelling, the Board of Ed has become. Schools are for education not indoctrination.


Bonnie, that was a quick leap for you based on the words, "maybe" and "perhaps". It would help if you could describe in your own words what you believe "leftist, socially dogmatic, American culture cancelling" actually means to you personally. Frankly, there are folks out here in readerville who believe your terms mean only that you've been indoctrinated to one of the biggest lies a president, bent on dictatorship, perpetrated in an attempt to perform a coup on our Constitution of Law and our Democratic Republic. Please explain yourself.

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