I see that the rescue plan, being provided by the federal government, is being handed out to the local governments. That is good. We need to make improvements in the local areas.

How many of these local government officials belong to the GOP? They seem to be happy to be getting the funds to fill in the gaps. How many of them realize that no GOP member in Congress voted in favor of them getting these much needed funds?

Maybe it is time to acknowledge the party that provided this funding and quit complaining about them and start complaining about the party that doesn't want to do anything for this country. How many of you got a check from the passage of this bill? If you don't like it, you can always return it to the treasury department. How many of you are going to do that? In the meantime, it is time to quit complaining and be thankful for what you have.

George Weston

Myrtle Creek

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George, when it comes to politicians, most would rather die than defer to what's best for those they are supposed to serve. Politics is a deceitful and duplicitous game played by deceitful and duplicitous seekers of power and greed. It infects democracy and will kill it unless those who love it choose to eliminate the deceitful and duplicitous game of politics.

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