It seemed so untrue,

a virus unknown would pass.

China they may construe.

But harmful it would last.

Many here said it is not real.

Masks? Numbers are not facts.

Science and doctors might not deal,

but questions and death in our tracks.

A case here today. Another we'll see.

Our county debates mask or right.

The virus is steady as it would be.

The people of Douglas argue to fight.

What does it mean to those who got sick?

Doctors, nurses and staff all stand as our friend.

Yet people disbelieve even being so strick.

They say it will pass and soon it will end.

Today a year now gone.

No reason to celebrate or say it's OK.

For our numbers rise and make us less strong.

Today is tomorrow. And it is a day.

We rise to some hope with a new vaccine.

Yet nay-sayers and doubters shall say that we stray,

We have half a million who are the unseen.

Lives gone away to make us delay.

So let's not be fools.

We know that we see the light.

So start being smart with reason and tools.

To give a new start with hope and delight.

The message is simple, oh my dear friend.

We have yet found it here,

We have not found the end.

Our lives are beholden to those who are near.

So continue the fight for a day of our hope.

That the virus and hearts may be clear.

It took so so long to our end's rope.

So join me now to this my cheer.

Roberto Jaramillo


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