The Oregon Health Authority plans to enforce compliance and restrict access by:

• Permanently institute a statewide mask requirement with a $500 fine, per person, per daily occurrence

• Changing the definition of the word ‘immunity’ to be exclusively defined as vaccine-induced

• Require all children and students in the public school system to have ‘immunity’ (i.e., vaccinations) to attend.

• Implement a digital vaccine health-pass, first roll out early March of 2022

We, the peoples of the State of Oregon are under the most totalitarian restriction of freedom, while lawlessness and destruction of property is allowed.

Accepting edicts, the life of a free citizen ends. No government has authority to order the injection of a substance into your person, nor compel you to do so by denying life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We, the people, have a narrow opportunity, and it must begin now.

Here are the state hearing dates/ information to respond to the lawless actions taken by unelected manipulators our freedoms — and ours to defend — or lose.

Email to request to testify at one or all the sessions below.

• Adoption of a rule requiring masks to be worn in indoor spaces in Oregon (OAR 333-019-1025): Jan. 20, 2022, at 10 a.m. (Phone Conference ID 389 374 45#)

• Masking requirements in Schools; Vaccination Requirements for Teachers and School Staff (OAR 333-019-1015 and 333-019-1030): Jan. 24, 2022, at 9 a.m. (Phone Conference ID 662 539 793#)

• Masking and vaccination requirements to control COVID-19 in health care settings (OAR 333-019-1010 and 333-019-1011): Jan. 24, 2022, at 2 p.m. ( Phone Conference ID: 191 715 671#)

Our federal and state representation has failed. In separation from England, it was brave and upright citizens that stood in the face of tyranny and said ‘no more.'

It is time for good people to stand for what is right. Judges 21:25: "25 In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes."

We live in perilous times — no fence to stand on. Take a side — fight for freedom or lose it forever.

Scott McGinnis

Sutherlin OR

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(26) comments


I’m so tired of seeing “individual freedoms or God given rights”. Nine weeks in boot camp required by a mandatory draft would reveal what individual freedoms and God given rights are.

Publicus Tacitus

Good for you @garyd. I am certain the Jewish interned in camps - many never exiting alive, might have a bit different perspective. Nine weeks in boot camp should give you perspective of the need to protect those freedoms, not minimize them by being ‘so tired of seeing’ them championed.

Publicus Tacitus

In order to end this topic in the spirit of the season, this is offered in the spirit and hope that all will seek God and HIS wisdom in raising a request as Solomon’s in prayer to he who rules all:

1 Kings 3:10-12

“Now it pleased the Lord that Solomon had made this request. So God said to him, since you have asked this instead of requesting long life or wealth for yourself or death for your enemies- but you have asked for discernment to administer justice- behold I will do what you have asked. I will give you a wise and discerning heart”

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be given unto you”

Amen, and many blessings from the creator of all things, and may this be the beginning of a true awakening of His people!


Don't feed the Trolls, folks.

Publicus Tacitus

And lastly to @CitizenJoe, As the Rev Hess said to Merrill in "Signs", "Swing away" against that virus ....and for the the associated "FreeDumb?" I believe Forrest Gump had a saying for that comment too...

Publicus Tacitus

God Bless our Sheriff John Hanlin for his stand to protect your freedoms. Arbitrary and capricious actions were the impetus of our founding. Do not let them be its undoing

Publicus Tacitus

People have the right to take the vaccine, as they have the right to refuse it. If you are ill, stay home. If you are well, be free. If you notice, the negatives to freedom and objectors to no mandates sharp shoot around the issue with broad swaths of virtue and moral indignity about other's actions. Believing that draconian measures of control will protect you are proving false. For the one righteously indignant commentor, please refer to the current CDC COVID-tracker

spanning 1/21/2020 to 12/17/2021 with 678,558 deaths, far less than the quoted 810,000. The report goes on to document a 98.35% recovery rate across all age groups. Keep that in mind when throwing out wildly misleading statistics. Where are the screams of "disinformation" and the arbiters of censorship? You see, this is a free land - at least for the moment, @mworden.


Hey, Publicus Tacitus, were you talking about me? Am I the wildly misleading, righteous indignant commentor? Let's discuss!

I enjoy a good conversation and if I've made an error I appreciate knowing about it because accuracy in times as perilous as these is vitally important.

I checked the numbers before my original post (I usually do,) but I usually check with the NYTimes and Worldometer. Each one varies by a few cases or even a few hundred to a thousand, depending on the time of the day. But never by more than 100,000.

I felt entirely flummoxed that I could have made such an boneheaded error or used bad sources. So I googled your source, the CDC COVID Tracker. This is what I found for today:

Deaths Total: 809,300.

That's from your source. It's at the top of the page. Don't know how you missed it.

Because this is a free land, you have the right to troll the community with false information and wildly misleading statistics. And I have the right to correct you with accurate info from your own source. That's one of the reasons I treasure America and all it stands for. We can talk back and forth, disagree, and hopefully come to understand each other.

Let's get serious for a moment. This is important in a civil conversation. I don't think you put out false info purposely. It's far more likely that you made a mistake. It happens. I understand why you found my 810,000 number highly annoying if it was way off from your figures. I'm not going to attribute ill-motives to a mistake. I put the link on the bottom of the page so you can check it for yourself.

Right-wing media told their followers to "Do Your Own Research." That's because they know most people don't know how. Talk about a cynical approach! They might as well tell me to be my own air traffic controller. I don't know how. I'd crash the plane.

Keep practicing, Publicus, and you'll get better. We all make mistakes when we're learning a new skill. CitizenJoe has already discussed the misleading idea of the "recovery rate." He did a good job, so I won't repeat it.

From personal experience I can tell you this. I had covid in the Spring of 2020. I didn't die and I'm considered recovered. But before covid, my average blood oxygen level was 98. I just took it and it was 89. That's way too low. I had to take supplemental oxygen to get up to 92. When your lungs don't process oxygen, you feel exhausted all the time. But, hey, at least I didn't die, so no worries, eh? Count me as a success who would like as many people as possible to avoid lung damage.

From the CDC COVID Data Tracker for today: Total Deaths 809,300.

Publicus Tacitus

In your link @mworden, I concur you number is correct- however, in following the site through its maze four different death counts, death rates, statistically adjusted death rates and statistically extrapolation of trajectory death rates buried within the site. Again, compare against statistical outbreaks of the past and consider why the unprecedented drive to manage populations through fear and control of human liberties and to manipulate the very rights of a free human to exercise them. I am quite sure Dr Megele felt his work with Jewish children was completely honorable and just

And the German people cast a blind eye upon the fate of the Jews because the National Socialists ‘ gave them stuff’. One day it will be YOU they come for, and you will lament that no one stands for YOU


You have a good Christmas, Publicus. At least we can agree that the death toll is over 800.000.


Publicus Tacitus goes Godwin.


[wink]I've been noticing a lot of that lately.


If all of the stupid mandates were working, then why, two years into this farce, are people still getting the virus?????


Maybe, just maybe because people are ignoring the mandates and our sheriff has refused to enforce them?

The thinking party

[pirate] As a left leaner my whole life, I am appalled at the direction that the party is headed. I believe in founding The Thinking Party! If you choose to be vaccinated by all means, exercise your freedom. If you choose not to be vaccinated by all means, exercise your freedom..... uh oh..... never mind. I guess I will continue wearing a mask proven to be 10-15% effective and watch the Webster’s dictionary change the definition of anti-vaxxer. Stay woke!


Ahoy, Matey! Can we parley?

From the CDC: Face Coverings Reduced Risk By 70%

A study of an outbreak aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an environment notable for congregate living quarters and close working environments, found that use of face coverings on-board was associated with a 70% reduced risk,

I use triple bonded non-woven surgical masks with a nose wire to bend to the shape of my face. They cost fewer doubloons and easily allow a fresh mask regularly.

If you're in frequent contact with the public or traveling on public transport, an N95 or similar high filtration mask is superior, but a daily fresh supply will empty your purse of pieces of eight.

Cloth masks, especially loose weave fabric, are a sign you're ripe to be hornswaggled, ye silly scalleywag. Underpants are not recommended as masks, even for pirates. They'll get you flogged. Savvy?

ARRRRRRRRRRR! Always glad to meet a fellow leftie, me hearty. May his noodly appendages caress you gently. [pirate]


Relative Effectiveness of various commonly-worn masks against COVID spread:

*Face shield: Zero effectivity against spread, but at least it's difficult for you to spit on me.

*Cute little fashion mask, or a cloth gaiter: Almost nothing.

*Common Exam Mask: OK to protect others from you.

*N95 or KN95 Mask: Protect you as well as others from you. This should be the norm.

Publicus Tacitus

Amazing how the point of the letter- to foster and inform - to participate in their own voice and conviction- is roundly dismissed as lunacy and refuted with the most thinly veiled venom. For those who have not yet consumed the Kool-Aid, read between the lines and witness the death of free and respectful speech

The thinking party

[pirate] I being quite left leaning my whole life, am appalled at the direction the direction the party is headed. We need THE THINKING PARTY. When the Webster’s dictionary is changing definitions and we are wearing masks proven to be between 10-15% effective get woke!!! If you CHOOSE to be vaccinated, exercise your freedom, if you choose not to, exercise your freedom........ Uh wait... uh oh!


The criticism is about what they're being asked to participate in, all in the name of fighting for their last gasp of freedom.

In my opinion, there is no greater danger to my freedom than the demand by some people to be able to spread a highly contagious deadly virus in whatever way they please.

Maybe they don't think about the 810,000 Americans who have died from covid since March 2020, but I do. That's more Americans than have died in combat in all the wars we've fought since WW1.

You don't have to take up arms and fight on foreign soil in order to protect America now. Just wear a small piece of cloth over your mouth and nose when you're out in public and socially distance. It would be nice if you got vaccinated, too. But I'd settle for the face mask when around others.

Is that too much to ask of patriots? In WW2 food, clothes, metal, gasoline and tires were strictly rationed. People accepted that the price of freedom sometimes called for personal sacrifice.

Is the personal sacrifice of wearing a small covering over the nose and mouth really too much for today's patriots?

And Publicus ... when you start talking about consuming the Kool-Aid, you're the one who's slipped into disrespectful speech. You did know that's an insult, right? It's not even thinly veiled.


Amazing how certain people consider it a violation of their freedom to be required to wear a tiny piece of cloth on their face to protect other people. Its probably the same people who wear baseball caps and sun glasses on their head daily.

I'm positive Mr. McGinnis would be arrested if he wandered down the road naked, but I don't remember Mr. McGinnis writing a letter screaming about how his freedoms were stolen from him because he is being forced to wear clothing.


It's interesting that the people who have sued school districts and their work places to be allowed to wear their MEGA hats and masks on their heads are the same ones who object to required masks without the MEGA or likewise political symbols.


I agree, it's time for good people to stand for what is right.

I'd like that lady at Safeway who was coughing and sneezing all over everything, wiping her nose and touching everything she could touch and letting a soiled bandana hang down around her chin as a symbolic mask to be thrown in jail as a public nuisance.

I'd like every sniffly coughing person who goes to their grandma's house for Christmas and gets her sick to serve time picking up trash along the freeway all winter long.

I'd like every person who thinks wearing a mask is the greatest oppression they could ever experience to do some reading or watch some videos or when possible travel outside the US to places where people are really oppressed.

I'm tired of your childish tantrums about the great tyranny you are living under. In Thailand, you can be sent to prison for a decade for disagreeing with the King or saying you don't like him. You can say anything you want about Governor Brown as long as it doesn't contain a threat. You can insult her. You can call her King Kate. If you called the King of Siam a Queen, we might never see or hear from you again.

It's time for good people to stand up, Scott, and tell you to get some gosh darned perspective.


You're blurring the lines between Church and State. You're also buying into "freeoregon dot inc", a group of alt-right activists that tout fighting tyranny while only encouraging it. Too many have been misled to turn away from our democracy based on a Constitution of Law, both Federal and State. Currently, the Governor of Oregon has continued a state of emergency and authorized the state health authority to enact mandates to save lives. It does no good to try and justify what you feel is illegal and unjust when it's compared to the death of your fellow citizens during this deadly pandemic.


Nope. We are a Democratic Republic -- and this means that we relinquish leadership to a few elected citizens; we ASKED them to look after us, and freely gave permissions. Laws are laws...follow them or work towards changing them, but raise a middle finger to them and be ready to pay a price.


I'm on the side that's fighting against the virus and its associated FreeDumb.

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