With the increased use of phishing schemes, website hacking, and the caller ID's being used by outside sources, one does not know when the call is valid or not. Recently, a call was received, supposedly, by Mercy Medical Center regarding an appointment where they were offering a discounted amount to pay prior to the service being rendered. Maybe it was a valid call, maybe not.

I tried to contact them through their website by going to the contact us site. I could not contact them, therefore, I am submitting this to draw the attention on them and to warn others not to believe everything they see or hear.

They wanted to offer a reduced price if they received payment by phone, the day before the appointment. Since they, supposedly called, they were told no. If in fact it was an honest call, I have a better idea that maybe Mercy and others can do. If they want to offer it at a reduced price, then maybe they should make that available at the time they check in for the service. Maybe then we can be assured that they really care about saving the customer some money.

Do not fall for the phone inquiry, unless you make the call. This way you will know that you are getting what you pay for.

George Weston

Myrtle Creek

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A good rule of thumb. If the phone number isn't in your list of contacts, don't answer it. If it's from and inside office line from staff of a professional you see, they'll leave a message, you can call them back. Scammers know people are receiving stimulus checks so scam calls are always going to spike during distribution.


Another real scam to be on the lookout for: Used vehicles advertised via Craigslist or Offer Up. The vehicles are often advertised for far less money than they should, and are always stated to be available in our local area. These ads always have an e-mail address in the text they want you to use.

If you inquire, you will learn that the vehicle is not actually in Roseburg, but they will ship it. The story is usually that someone died or is in the service or some such nonsense, and they "just want the vehicle to go to someone who will appreciate it."

Don't be the walking poster child for "A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted!"


Mercy has regularly given us a 1/3 discount if payment is made at time of service. I don't like giving info over the phone and have paid either while checking in or directly after. If they don't offer the discount I ask for it and it has been granted for services with a known price. I've also asked for it when a bill arrives and it has usually been given if the full amount is paid.

Paradoxically, it helps people who have enough money to pay up front when people who can't do that probably need the discount more.

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