Concerning the crisis on our southern border and the illegal immigrants invited here by Biden, hardworking, tax-paying Americans are being forced to pay for these people's welfare by Biden's lies, anti-American hatred. Biden's a coward and a traitor. He should be impeached and run out of office, along with his laughing, hypocrite Harris, Schumer and Pelosi. All Democrats who suck up to Biden's policies, also Republicans. They are all traitors and cowards and liars who don't live up to their oath of office. They hide behind our U.S. Constitution for protection whenever the situation arises. Biden is out to destroy American freedom and way of life as we know it. He wants complete control of everything we say and do. Just like Hitler's Nazis and gestapos of World War II.

Wake up Americans, the hour is late!

Robert Hilliard


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Marine Vet

Only Caravans American Witnessed was White Boys with Assault Weapons. You want to live in a All White Country. I Suggest You MOVE to 1.


What rock have you been living under?


Please tell us how you really feel sir!


Well! I guess you told us! You get right on that, Robert! You call and email all the Republicans in House and demand that they immediately impeach President Biden. They might ask you what for, but you tell em cause you told them to, that's why! If that doesn't work you call this number, 503-945-2800. Now, they'll answer Oregon State Hospital but you pay no attention to that and you give them what for about all these lying traitors. You tell em! Good luck buddy!



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