Thanks goodness we have people like Don Wilson (letter to the editor: Environmental issues, or obstruction of salvage logging, The News-Review, Oct. 28.) that writes a straight forward common sense analysis of the salvage logging controversy (made up controversy) that is confronting Lane and Douglas County as this time.

The whole gist of the letter points out the old "Let's take it to the nth degree" philosophy that pervades our society whether Republican, Democrat, independent or what have you. We are such a litigious society that you can sue anyone about anything in the good old USA and do so with no basis in fact, just your personal ax to grind. In this case, it is just "Let's just shut down logging of any type" because I have decided (Cascadia Wildlands...Earth First...Earth second...Earth Third: et al ad nauseum) that I do not like the way the Forest Service is proceeding in the Salvage Logging Project.

There are hundreds of men and women who are employed by the U.S. Forest Service that have degrees in; agronomy, biology, chemistry, ecology, forestry and forestry engineering. This is besides the hundreds of dedicated men and women who have an associate's degree or no degree at all who have dedicated their life pursuit to the well being of our natural environment. They didn't just throw a dart at a board and make a decision on salvage logging willy-nilly.

It galls the me that Cascadia Wildlands' (et al) staff — Josh Laughlin, Martha Bridon, Nick Cady, Kaley Coslow Saver, Bethany Cotton, Madeline Cowen, and Rebecca White — feel that they have gone to the "head of the class" and are smarter than everyone that works in the Forest Service and thank God they are here to save us from ourselves.

Gary L Hyatt


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These are the same type of people who thought we should fence all of our cows out of the creeks because of contamination....but then, how high do the fences have to be to keep the cows out but let the deer in? Or is all of the wildlife supposed to die of thirst?

Scott Mendelson

In considering your weighty conundrum, it might be important for you to realize that—despite the common attribution—the cow did NOT jump over the moon.


Oh Wretched one, I'm not going to disagree with you about those "same type" of people. As for livestock waste contaminating natural water sources -- that's a real concern, and my favorite portable latrine source, Andy Gump, doesn't make one large enough for livestock. So, yeah, if you are a cow, you really can't take a dump in an Andy Gump.


Wretched722: 4'6" should about do it. You are welcome.

Also: if you have cattle, they do need water. A water trough set out for cattle is used by deer, elk, cougar, bears, etc.

Cattle are death on streams, fishing, and the general hydrology. Our cattle, sheep, and goats are responsible for much of the world's desertification, over the last several millennia. I say this as a carnivore who raises cattle and sheep, but understands how we have to limit the populations and the range we allow. And knows that excluding them helps to revitalize the deserts we've created.

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