We are truly engulfed by insanity these days. We are stuck in the element of obstinacy and chicanery.

Government elected officials are to defend not just partisan values but all of our values. Today our leaders stray from taking care of the people's business and cling to protect a leader who is a historical nightmare.

The Impeachment hearings have taught me one thing: don't trust a lawyer.

Not all lawyers are absent of morals and values. I do say that mixing Lawyers and politicians is dangerous. Politicians struggle with the truth. Lawyers convolute reality.

The Impeachment team stressed the rule of common sense. Should not all of us aspire to this value? Should we not expect it from all of our leaders? Whether political, social or religious leaders, they are bound by common sense.

We need the ability to discuss, debate and disagree. Violence, inflaming it and excusing it are wrong. Truth should rise above any political or legal trick. Hold those in office accountable by stopping the lies.

We are a divided nation, a nation caught in a quagmire of shame and brokenness. Purge the characters out of office when they bring shame to justice. Vote them out in the next election. Call them to task today. Don't be taken by foolery. Smart individuals can influence the craziness to stop.

Roberto Jaramillo


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It doesn't make much difference if a layer is honest or dishonest...they serve their clients, and can't go to the beach (because cats want to burry them in the sand).


It may appears lawyers are absent of morals and values because that is exactly how they were trained to be in order to obtain their law degree, that is their job protecting their client. Don't get me wrong. I definitely have little love lost for lawyers and they certainly don't need defending. I just think people don't understand lawyers are trained to lie the same way a soldier is trained to use a weapon. Sometimes, lawyers get so comfortable with lying that they sight on reality.

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