Glide School District has three School Board Positions coming up for vote in May. As a parent I want the best for all the children in our schools. We have parents who will not be able to vote in the upcoming School Board Election because they do not live in the district. They have entrusted Glide School District to educate their children, but they have no say on who serves on the Board. I encourage you to educate yourself on who is the best qualified and experienced to fill those positions. For your children and those parents and children in our schools but do not get to vote.

In 2018 a Board Member resigned before their term was up. Candice Voynick along with 5 others applied for the position. They were all interviewed in public meetings and Candice Voynick was appointed to fill that position. In 2019 she won the Special Election for the remaining two-year term. She is now running for reelection.

The last school year/current school year has been hard on all of us and it is not over. The School Board works as a team to do what they feel is best for the district. The School Board has many laws, regulations, etc. that they must follow. COVID-19 did not make their jobs or our lives any easier.

The right person for the position is Candice Voynick. Candice’s college degree emphasizes a well-rounded education focusing on critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities and ethics, specifically by focusing on areas of literature, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics. Along with foreign language, psychology, and a long history of community services. My vote is for Candice Voynick for Glide School Board District position No. 3.

Tammi Sheppard


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