For those of you living in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District, this is your lucky year. You have a retired Army veteran running to be your representative in Washington, D.C. His name is Joe Yetter.

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Unfortunately, I don't live in CD 2 so can't vote for Joe, but I too have no doubt he is the best choice for the people in that district.

I have worked with Joe on a variety of political issues. I first met him when he was promoting health care for all. It was a refreshing and surprising to find a doctor in Douglas County, even a retired one, who understood that health care is a right not a commodity to be bought and sold.

We will all benefit if Joe Yetter is elected to be the next congressman from CD2.


I have known Joe for several years and I can tell you he is a great human being. There is no ego problem with Joe. Unlike his opponent I can guarantee that he wouldn't have voted against certifying the election unlike his lapdog opponent Cliff Bentz.

Scott Mendelson

I could not agree more, Connie. Dr. Yetter is an exceptional man and an excellent candidate. He possess intelligence, wisdom and integrity that is sorely lacking in government today. I hope for his success.


Joe Yetter is an excellent candidate and would make great Rep for CD2.


Joe Yetter on the issues:

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