You have to wonder about the decision to start a major construction project in front of Costco during the holiday season. The traffic backups are a mess.

Michael Sherman


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As a Costco employee myself, don't even get me started about this! Most of us have to leave for work 30-45 mins earlier than we normally would because we never know how long we're going to sit there in traffic not moving and risk being late for work. Throw in the fact that not everyone is in a position where they have time to be able to do that with doing things like taking/picking up a kid from school than having to go to work in a timed matter. On average I'll be sitting there for 10 mins or a little more when I'm less than a few hundred feet away from the driveway entrance to the store. Its unclear to me what exactly what kind of work is being done as when I finally get to the point to where the flagger is I just see a bunch of people standing around doing nothing or on their phones. They started doing this first week of December and we had a pretty mellow first of the month week compared to what we normally would, especially on a big holiday month. On average when waiting in traffic thats stopped I'll see about 10 cars give or take do a u-turn and go elseware because they got tired of waiting. Other employees have said they noticed similar incidents. One thing I'm concerned about is the side of the road by the entrance near the coffee place where they tore some of it up, for weeks its been covered with a giant metal plate that I'd estimate is probably the length of nearly 2 cars. If it does indeed freeze and get covered by snow next week, that thing is gonna be a death trap for some people that can't see it and not experienced driving in winter conditions.

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